Deb Futter’s Must-Read Books

When you read books for a living, your standouts are likely to captivate fellow book-lovers. Here, we get the biggest readers we know to share their best book lists of all time.

This time, Vice President and Co-Publisher of Celadon Books, Deb Futter, describes the postwar journeys, passionate romances, and tales that canvass far-flung lands and lives that top her must-have books list.

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How to Get Into Publishing: Editorial Assistant

No two professional paths are alike, and that’s certainly true in the publishing industry. So, we’re asking book industry experts how they got their jobs in publishing, what kind of readers they are, and what they love most about the book business. In this installment, Celadon Books’ editorial assistant extraordinaire Randi Kramer reveals how she broke into book publishing.

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Carpenter and Actor Nick Offerman and Other Authors’ Day Jobs

If you’ve ever tried to become a writer, you may know what it’s like trying to balance a 9 to 5 job while chipping away at your great American novel, collection of poetry, or nonfiction bestseller. Whether you aspire to write a book or just like reading them, check out these authors who’ve managed to write must-read books while maintaining successful day jobs or side hustles.

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