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Most Anticipated Thriller Books for Summer 2019

You don't need a hot day to work up a sweat. These new thriller books will have your heart racing from the first page. By Jessica Ferri As students, summer reading was a drag. As adults, it's the best part of vacation season. Whether you're headed to the beach, the pool, or a staycation in [...]

Librarians’ Best Book Picks: Daryl A. Maxwell, Los Angeles Public Library

Librarian Daryl Maxwell talked with Celadon about impactful Science Fiction, recommending the perfect book, and diversity in publishing. By Celadon Staff What does the world get wrong about librarians? Primarily, I keep waiting/hoping for the stereotype of the older, generally white, woman with her hair in a bun to go away. We’re all genders, ethnic [...]

How to Find a Writing Group

Whether you’re looking for some input or inspiration, our experts offer some guidance to help you find what you need. By Jennifer Merritt So you want to join a writing group. But where do you even begin? The anonymity of online? The local library? That group your cousin's aunt's friend belongs to? There is no [...]

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