Best Audiobooks Fall 2019


Funny Audiobooks That Are Better Than Stand-Up Comedy

These hilarious audiobooks, narrated by their authors, take authenticity to another level, promising genuine chuckles with every listen.

Memoir Audiobooks: Stories of Survival

In these powerful memoir audiobooks, authors tell how they survive addiction, illness, abandonment, discrimination, abuse and the lasting effects of that fight.

Best Audiobooks Read by a Full Cast

If listening to an audiobook is like watching a one-person show, then a full-cast audiobook is like mentally conjuring an entire Broadway play.

Best Audiobooks to Learn Something New

Resolve to learn something new this year, and you might just change your life.

The Best Audiobooks of 2019

These fantastic audiobooks from 2019 are the whole package — great stories, beautifully narrated by stellar performers to create a compelling whole.

Best Audiobooks to Listen to During the Holidays

Stories the whole family can enjoy, whether you’re on the road or cozy at home.

Scary Audiobooks: Put Some Fear in Your Ears!

Time to crank up the fright on your favorite horror stories with these terrifying audiobooks.

Best Audiobooks: Summer 2019

Our favorite audiobook picks for summer will have you laughing and crying – in no particular order.

Best Audiobooks: April 2019

A fictional L.A. rock band, a notorious kidnapping in 1970s Belfast, and a serial killer stalks the streets of World War II-era Prague.

Best Audiobooks: February 2019

The real-life consequences of at-home DNA tests, fun with grammar, and how America’s opioid epidemic is just tip of a global crime syndicate.

Best Audiobooks: January 2019

A meaty memoir, a counterintuitive approach to self-help, and a story of “Urban Indians” trying to reconnect with tribal traditions are just some of this month’s picks.

Best Audiobooks: December 2018

This month WSJ reporters unravel a billion dollar scam, Michelle Obama releases her memoir, and a tale of revenge in the Old West.

Best Audiobooks: November 2018

A grisly discovery on an idyllic Irish estate; a darkly comic debut novel written in a jail cell; a riveting history of Los Angeles’s Central Library. Fascinating stories can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Best Audiobooks: October 2018

This month’s selections of audiobooks include a British drama that tackles a political scandal in the age of #MeToo, Stephen King’s self-described “scariest book,” and a gripping memoir that travels from a survivalist outpost in Idaho to Cambridge University.

Best Audiobooks: September 2018

Astronaut Neil Armstrong, the memoir of a meth head, and a delightful debut novel about an odd and endearing heroine.

Best Audiobooks: August 2018

As publishers, we don’t just turn pages–we also seek the best audiobooks for book lovers so we can share them with you!