What We're Reading: Summer 2023

A hand-drawn illustration of a bookshelf showcasing a summer reading collection with the title "what we're reading summer 2023" above it.

The Celadon team share their summer reading list, including new literary fiction and thrillers that make the perfect vacation reads.

An intriguing yellow book cover with the title "yellowface" by r. f. kuang, featuring minimalist artwork of a pair of eyes. below the cover is a grayscale photograph of a smiling woman with glasses, likely an author, artist, or related personality.


By R.F. Kuang

“I am reading Yellowface by R F. Kuang. How can one resist a book that skewers the publishing industry? Next up will be Emma Cline’s The Guest… which looks like it skewers the Hamptons.…” — Deb Futter, President and Publisher

A romantic novel cover illustration layered above a smiling woman's portrait, possibly hinting at the author or a fan of the book, "love, theoretically" by ali hazelwood.

Love, Theoretically

By Ali Hazelwood

I’m looking forward to Ali Hazelwood’s forthcoming Love, Theoretically. I’ve adored her previous books, and I know that I will (theoretically!) love this one, too. Perfect summer beach reading!” — Randi Kramer, Associate Editor

A graphic image showing a book cover for "the guest" by emma cline with a green-toned hand illustration, above which is a cut-out photo of a smiling woman placed at the bottom right corner.

The Guest

By Emma Cline

I cannot wait to tuck into The Guest by Emma Cline. Vanity Fair described it as ‘a book with the dog days languor of a Sofia Coppola film and the chilling tension of a Patricia Highsmith novel,’ which honestly sounds like a perfect summer read.” — Christine Mykityshyn, Senior Publicity Director

A promotional graphic for the book "the bandit queens" by parini shroff, featuring the intriguing and colorful book cover design above the author's smiling grayscale portrait.

The Bandit Queens

By Parini Shroff

“A few friends have recommended The Bandit Queens by Parini Shroff, so it’s high on my summer reading list! It sounds like it’s full of dark humor mixed with female empowerment and lots of heart.” — Jennifer Jackson, Executive Director, Marketing

A monochromatic promotional image featuring a book cover with the title "not my father's son: a memoir" by alan cumming, and a smaller inset photo of a person smiling against a city backdrop at the bottom.

Not My Father’s Son

By Alan Cumming

“This book is much more than just another ‘celebrity memoir.’ At one point I may have been sob-reading beside a stranger on a plane because all the plot twists and double-twists put my emotions through the wringer. Maybe I’ll read his other memoir, Baggage, later this summer.” — Jaime Noven, Senior Marketing Manager

A smiling woman is superimposed in the bottom right corner of an image featuring a cosmic-themed book cover for "the deep sky" by yume kitasei. the cover art depicts a swirling galaxy with vibrant colors against a dark space background.

The Deep Sky

By Yume Kitasei

“Yume Kitasei’s The Deep Sky is a book that I’ve been excited to read for a very long time. The author has written some really lovely short stories, and to be frank, it feels like a weird and introspective commentary on the Among Us craze that swept the nation in 2020, so I’m looking forward to reading it this summer!” — Sandra Moore, Marketing Assistant

A novel titled "kismet" by becky chambers, depicted with a beach scene illustration and a lighthouse at sunrise or sunset, complemented by a small portrait of the author placed at the bottom.


By Becky Chalsen

“I am totally planning on reading Kismet by Becky Chalsen this summer. I usually don’t read a lot of contemporary romance; however, the title and cover caught my eye as I was wandering through P&T Knitwear the other day. I spend the majority of my summers on Fire Island, so I knew I had to add this to my beach reads list!” — Julia Sikora, Publicity Assistant

A woman's grayscale portrait overlapping the vibrant cover of a book titled "adult drama and other essays" by natalie beach.

Adult Drama: A Memoir in False Starts

By Natalie Beach

“I’m really looking forward to Adult Drama: A Memoir in False Starts by Natalie Beach. I was fascinated by Natalie’s viral essay on her friendship with Caroline Calloway, and I think her memoir-in-essays will be funny, fresh, and perfect for summer. A cultural criticism and coming-of-age reflection on the pitfalls and (occasionally embarrassing) struggles of navigating life in early adulthood sounds like it might even resonate a little too much....”  — Faith Tomlin, Editorial Assistant

An author's creative journey: from the heights of a booker prize win to the mysterious trails through 'birnam wood'." 

(note: in the image above, there is a juxtaposition of a book cover showcasing the title "birnam wood" by eleanor catton, author of "the luminaries," and a portrait of a man below it. details about the man's identity or any connection to the book are not provided.).

Birnam Wood

By Eleanor Catton

“The next book I’m looking forward to reading this summer is Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton. I’m a big fan of her earlier work, and this new novel seems to be a big, complicated web of so many of my favorite themes — a literary thriller about eco-activists clashing with tech mogul weirdness? Sounds great to me!” — Martin Dolan, Editorial Intern

A book cover for "the ballad of songbirds and snakes" by suzanne collins, featuring a gold bird perched above a coiled snake, set against a green background, juxtaposed with a monochrome portrait of a smiling woman placed at the bottom right corner.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

By Suzanne Collins

“With its movie coming out later this year and the renaissance the original books are having on social media, I think this summer will be the perfect time to jump back into the world of The Hunger Games. I have absolutely loved looking back and analyzing this series, which I first read in middle school. I am excited to see how it all began in this prequel.” — Yelizaveta Rogulina, Ad Promo/Social Media Intern

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