Best 2018 Podcasts and Audiobooks For Book Lovers: September

Whether you’re craving low-key conversation amid a busy back-to-work-and-school season, or want to be immersed in another perspective to thwart the “summer’s over” scaries, we’ve got just the listen for you…

How to Get Into Book Publishing: Editorial Assistant

No two professional paths are alike, and that’s certainly true in the publishing industry. So, we’re asking book industry experts how they got their jobs in publishing, what kind of readers they are, and what they love most about the book business. In this installment, Celadon Books’ editorial assistant extraordinaire Randi Kramer reveals how she broke into book publishing.

Biggest Upcoming Movies Based on Books: Read Boy Erased, Stephen King and More Books Going to TV and Film Before You See Them On Screen

How about this new Golden Age of television? You can hardly catch up with one show before everyone starts raving about another one—not to mention the book-driven Oscar bait soon to hit big screens across the country. Here are the best books worth reading that are behind the TV and films we’re most excited to see soon.

Best 2018 Podcasts and Audiobooks For Book Lovers: August

Whether you’re trying to distract yourself from a steamy commute or looking to be transported on a lazy afternoon, we’ve got just the thing for you…

The Celadon Way

Founded by publishing industry veterans Jamie Raab and Deb Futter, Celadon Books, a division of Macmillan Publishing, selects each title with thoughtful consideration in an effort to create a list that is at once classic, uncommon, and fosters discoverability of new voices.

Indie Spotlight: Book Bin, Northbrook, Illinois

This woman-run bookstore in the Chicago suburb has been operating for almost half a century, and it’s as vibrant as when it first opened its doors in 1971.

Fit as an Octogenarian: The Daily Rituals of New Yorker Writer Patricia Marx

The first woman elected to the Harvard Lampoon, Patricia Marx has been making us unattractively guffaw since she joined The New Yorker in 1989.

Finding Inspiration: Summer 2018

At Celadon Books, we’re always looking for the next thing that inspires us. And this upcoming summer holds infinite moments for that spark to ignite.

How to Jailbreak a Pen: The Daily Rituals of New Yorker Cartoonist Roz Chast

Since 1978, Roz Chast has published over 800 cartoons in The New Yorker, which seem to vibrate with the anxiety and neuroses of modern day life.

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