Best Podcasts: Summer 2019

A look at the 2000 presidential election, a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and behind-bars prison experiences.

The Silent Patient Covers from Around the World

Published in more than 40 territories, The Silent Patient’s international covers are as thrilling as the story itself.

Check It Out: Becky Spratford, Readers’ Advisor, MLIS

Readers’ advisory expert Becky Spratford sounds off on independent bookstores, a parallel-universe Nobel laureate, and how librarians learn to connect you with the books you love.

10 Most Beautiful Bookstores to Visit Once in Your Lifetime

When planning your next adventure, build your itinerary around visiting one of these dazzling bookstores from all over the world.

The Hand Sell: Karen Hayes, Parnassus Books

Karen Hayes, co-owner of Parnassus Books in Nashville, shares her favorite genres, bookstores, and authors.

13 Hilarious Grammar Memes That Describe How We Really Feel

We can’t be the only ones who take great delight in a well-crafted grammar meme.

How to Get Into Publishing: Marketing Manager

Celadon’s own Jaime Noven describes a typical day in the life of a marketing manager in book publishing.

Bookseller’s Picks: Maxwell Gregory, Lake Forest Book Store

The manager of Lake Forest Book Store in Illinois talks impactful literature, bookstore trends, and memorable moments.

R.L. Maizes, Author of We Love Anderson Cooper, on Outsiders, Animals and Advice for Writers

We sat down with the author to discuss these unforgettable stories, her writing advice, and what’s next.

#Bookstagrams We Love

Instagram is full of inspiration for how to live your best reading life.

Best Podcasts: May 2019

This month’s best podcasts explore two genres that go hand-in-hand: history and true crime.

How to Find a Book Club Near You

There are so many reasons to join a book club beyond simply reading and discussing books. Here’s where to look for book clubs near you, and the essential questions to ask once you find them.

Celadon at BookExpo 2019

Visiting BookExpo 2019 this year? Whether you’re a librarian, publishing industry vet, or a book lover, hoping to meet your favorite author, BookExpo at New York City’s Jacob Javits Center is the place to be from May 29 to May 31.

Books-to-TV: 20 Small-screen Adaptations

Ready for some serious couch time? These are the shows we’re looking forward to this year.

Indie Bookstore Day 2019: Where to Celebrate in Your City

Exclusive merch, discounts, readings, shop crawls, and more!

6 Books Coming to Movie Theaters This Spring

Troubled pets, fateful love stories, and a legendary author’s life—these are the adaptations we’ll be watching on the big screen this Spring.

Fun to Read: 8 Authors to Follow on Social Media

For these writers, priceless quips aren’t just for book pages.

Books We’d Love to See on the Big Screen

Reading is our first love; watching great adaptations of our favorite novels is another.

Looking for a Career in Publishing? Tips to Navigate the Industry

How to break into the book business and land your first a job.

Best Audiobooks: February 2019

The real-life consequences of at-home DNA tests, fun with grammar, and how America’s opioid epidemic is just tip of a global crime syndicate.

Ashton Applewhite: Ageism Harms Us All

We talked to Ashton about what ageism means, when it starts, and what the “U-Curve” is.

How to Get into Publishing: Design

Celadon’s Creative Director Anne Twomey always knew she wanted an artistic career.

2019 Oscar-nominated Movies Based on Books

Some of the year’s best films lived on the page before the screen.

Social Media for Authors: Find Your Fans Online

Where to go and what to say to connect with your audience and promote your books.

Best Podcasts: January 2019

The New Year begins with the search for Bigfoot, an adventurous self-improvement show, and the history of country music’s most outrageous moments.

Ashton, Is This Ageist?

The author of THIS CHAIR ROCKS: A MANIFESTO AGAINST AGEISM weighs in on what is—and isn’t—ageist.

How to Get into Publishing: Editorial

Celadon’s Executive Editor Ryan Doherty on why book publishing is the place for him.

6 Binge-worthy Shows Based on Books

Some of the best shows available to stream right now are based on books–these are worth a watch from pilot to finale.

10 Things for Book Lovers to Buy with All Those Holiday Gift Cards

What to buy yourself—from the comfort of your own home—this holiday season.

Christmas Movies from Book to Screen

The film adaptations we snuggle up with every holiday season.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About “The Night Before Christmas”

Controversy, reindeer name changes–the famous feel-good poem has a past!

What Is Ageism?

THIS CHAIR ROCKS author and activist Ashton Applewhite challenges the last socially acceptable prejudice.

Best Podcasts of 2018: December

This month’s list includes an impolite interview show and the spooky tale of a trucker searching the backroads of America for her missing wife.

How to Run a Book Swap

The best way to pass on books you love and find new treasures from those you trust.

How to Throw a Great Literary-Themed New Year’s Eve Party

Everything you need to know to host a Game of Thrones, Steampunk, or Great Gatsby-inspired New Year’s Eve bash.

5 Reasons to Love Librarians–and Why Most of Us Can’t Do Their Jobs

As book lovers, we’re pretty sure that librarians should be celebrated every day, but according to our calendar, only November 18th has been designated “High Five a Librarian Day.”

Happy Thanksgiving! Celadon’s Recipe Roundup

Sweet treats, turkey tips, and annual traditions from the Celadon Family.

How to Get into Publishing: Publicity

Celadon’s Director of Publicity reveals how she went from magazine to book publishing and details some of her successes along the way.

Best Podcasts of 2018: November

From politics and true crime to pop culture and an alleged sex cult, this month’s best podcasts list has something for everyone.

What to Watch: The Girl in the Spider’s Web and Other New Movies Based on Books

You can almost set your calendar by the characters making the jump from printed page to movie screens: summer is the season of comic book crusaders invading the cineplex, and fall is the time for your favorite literary heroes to take center stage. This season we’re treated with historical fiction, mid-century drama, and a recast of everyone’s favorite Swede, Lisbeth Salander.

3 Ways to Throw a Genre-themed Halloween Party

Looking for ideas on how to combine your favorite literature genre and its dastardly characters with the bedlam of a great Halloween party? Here’s how to nail down a party theme, inspire your guests with unexpected costume contests, and set the mood.

Best Podcasts of 2018: October

With Halloween is just around the corner the podcasts we’re listening to this month confront some of our deepest fears, from serial killers to cults, and worse, heartbreak.

Uncovered: Behind The Silent Patient’s Stunning Cover Design

The marriage of word to image is one of the most important moments in a book’s life, so to find out how the magic happens we’re asking designers to “peel back the cover” on upcoming Celadon titles. In the first installment, Creative Director Anne Twomey reveals how she arrived at the haunting cover of Alex Michaelides’s shocking psychological thriller The Silent Patient.

How to Get Into Publishing: Editorial Assistant

No two professional paths are alike, and that’s certainly true in the publishing industry. So, we’re asking book industry experts how they got their jobs in publishing, what kind of readers they are, and what they love most about the book business. In this installment, Celadon Books’ editorial assistant extraordinaire Randi Kramer reveals how she broke into book publishing.

Biggest Upcoming Movies Based on Books: Read Boy Erased, Stephen King and More Books Going to TV and Film Before You See Them On Screen

How about this new Golden Age of television? You can hardly catch up with one show before everyone starts raving about another one—not to mention the book-driven Oscar bait soon to hit big screens across the country. Here are the best books worth reading that are behind the TV and films we’re most excited to see soon.

Best 2018 Podcasts: August

Whether you’re trying to distract yourself from a steamy commute or looking to be transported on a lazy afternoon, we’ve got just the thing for you.

The Celadon Way

Founded by publishing industry veterans Jamie Raab and Deb Futter, Celadon Books, a division of Macmillan Publishing, selects each title with thoughtful consideration in an effort to create a list that is at once classic, uncommon, and fosters discoverability of new voices.

Indie Spotlight: Book Bin, Northbrook, Illinois

This woman-run bookstore in the Chicago suburb has been operating for almost half a century, and it’s as vibrant as when it first opened its doors in 1971.

Fit as an Octogenarian: The Daily Rituals of New Yorker Writer Patricia Marx

The first woman elected to the Harvard Lampoon, Patricia Marx has been making us unattractively guffaw since she joined The New Yorker in 1989.

Finding Inspiration: Summer 2018

At Celadon Books, we’re always looking for the next thing that inspires us. And this upcoming summer holds infinite moments for that spark to ignite.

How to Jailbreak a Pen: The Daily Rituals of New Yorker Cartoonist Roz Chast

Since 1978, Roz Chast has published over 800 cartoons in The New Yorker, which seem to vibrate with the anxiety and neuroses of modern day life.

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