Ashton, Is This Ageist?

The author of THIS CHAIR ROCKS: A MANIFESTO AGAINST AGEISM weighs in on what is—and isn’t—ageist.

How to Get into Book Publishing: Editorial

Celadon’s Executive Editor Ryan Doherty on why book publishing is the place for him.

6 Binge-worthy Shows Based on Books

Some of the best shows available to stream right now are based on books–these are worth a watch from pilot to finale.

10 Things for Book Lovers to Buy with All Those Holiday Gift Cards

What to buy yourself—from the comfort of your own home—this holiday season.

Christmas Movies from Book to Screen

The film adaptations we snuggle up with every holiday season.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About “The Night Before Christmas”

Controversy, reindeer name changes–the famous feel-good poem has a past!

What Is Ageism?

THIS CHAIR ROCKS author and activist Ashton Applewhite challenges the last socially acceptable prejudice.

Best Podcasts of 2018: December

This month’s list includes an impolite interview show and the spooky tale of a trucker searching the backroads of America for her missing wife.

How to Run a Book Swap

The best way to pass on books you love and find new treasures from those you trust.

How to Throw a Great Literary-Themed New Year’s Eve Party

Everything you need to know to host a Game of Thrones, Steampunk, or Great Gatsby-inspired New Year’s Eve bash.

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