Books We’d Love to See on the Big Screen

Reading is our first love; watching great adaptations of our favorite novels is another.

Looking for a Career in Publishing? Tips to Navigate the Industry

How to break into the book business and land your first a job.

Best Audiobooks: February 2019

The real-life consequences of at-home DNA tests, fun with grammar, and how America’s opioid epidemic is just tip of a global crime syndicate.

Ashton Applewhite: Ageism Harms Us All

We talked to Ashton about what ageism means, when it starts, and what the “U-Curve” is.

How to Get into Book Publishing: Design

Celadon’s Creative Director Anne Twomey always knew she wanted an artistic career.

2019 Oscar-nominated Movies Based on Books

Some of the year’s best films lived on the page before the screen.

Social Media for Authors: Find Your Fans Online

Where to go and what to say to connect with your audience and promote your books.

Best Podcasts: January 2019

The New Year begins with the search for Bigfoot, an adventurous self-improvement show, and the history of country music’s most outrageous moments.

Ashton, Is This Ageist?

The author of THIS CHAIR ROCKS: A MANIFESTO AGAINST AGEISM weighs in on what is—and isn’t—ageist.

How to Get into Book Publishing: Editorial

Celadon’s Executive Editor Ryan Doherty on why book publishing is the place for him.

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