Celadon Books Acquires Bestselling Author Tracey Lange's Third Novel

Celadon Books is excited to announce the acquisition of the novel WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MCCRAYS? by Tracey Lange, New York Times bestselling author of WE ARE THE BRENNANS and THE CONNELLYS OF COUNTY DOWN. Lange's newest book is a deeply empathetic story of a marriage that has fallen apart, the resilience of a family, the power of community, and the potential of a middle school hockey team.

“A failed marriage, a high school hockey team and a small town community in upstate New York pack an emotional wallop in Tracey Lange’s third novel, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MCCRAYS?," says Celadon's President and Publisher Deb Futter. "It's a total tearjerker! Fans of Tracey's first two novels will fall in love all over again.”

Futter acquired the book, for publication in 2024, from Stephanie Cabot at Susanna Lea Associates (NA).

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