Join the Read Together Initiative, Featuring Beyond That, the Sea

As part of our new Read Together Initiative, Celadon Books will pair you with another Celadon Reader so that you can read and discuss our books together on social media (Instagram or TikTok). Sign up by August 31 to be partnered with a fellow Celadon Reader. Then we will send you an email with your partner's social handle and mail you both an advanced copy of Laura Spence-Ash’s forthcoming book, Beyond That, the Sea. You will contact each other to read the book and discuss it together at the same time!

Please make sure that you have signed up for our Celadon Reader program (if you haven’t, it’s not too late!) so that we know where to send your book. 

Note: This sign-up form is only for Celadon Readers who would like to be paired with a reading partner. It is not a general galley-request form. Thank you.

Rules and Terms

This giveaway is open August 1–31, 2022

By signing up for the Beyond That, the Sea Read Together Initiative, you agree to contact your assigned reading partner, and read and post about Beyond That, the Sea on Instagram or TikTok.

Participants must be opt-ed into the Celadon Reader Program (and can opt out at any time by emailing

Celadon Books agrees to send all participants who meet the requirements above one galley of Beyond That, the Sea by Laura Spence-Ash.

Once Celadon Books makes the pairing, Celadon Books will only share the Instagram or TikTok handle of the “reading partner” with each person in the respective pairing, and no other personal information will be shared. Celadon Books is not responsible for any additional information that participants choose to share privately with their “reading partner.” This includes sharing phone numbers, addresses, personal email, full name, school or work information, any personally identifiable information, or other information not required for participation.

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