THIS CHAIR ROCKS: A Manifesto Against Ageism EBOOK SALE

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“10 Books to Help You Foster a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace.” ―FORBES

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“Wow. This book totally rocks. It arrived on a day when I was in deep confusion and sadness about my age. Everything about it, from my invisibility to my neck. Within four or five wise, passionate pages, I had found insight, illumination, and inspiration. I never use the word empower, but this book has empowered me.”
New York Times bestselling author
“A smart and stirring call to add ageism to the list of 'isms' that divide us, and to mobilize against it. An important wake-up call for any baby boomer who's apprehensive about growing old.”
AARP Ambassador
“Sometimes a writer does us all a great favor and switches on a light. Snap! The darkness vanishes, and in its place we find an electric vision of new ways of living... This Chair Rocks illuminates the path.”
Founder of ChangingAging

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