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10 Bookstagrammers to Follow Now

Bookstagrammars to Follow Now
The reading life has never looked better than in the Instagram accounts of these talented book lovers.By Jessica Dukes

Ready for some instant inspiration? Follow the hashtag #bookstagram on Instagram and you’ll find millions of posts by people who regularly share their love of all things bookish. Swooning over cozy reading nooks and picking up a few ideas for your to-read pile: Not a bad way to spend your coffee break. Start with these 10 bookstagrammers, and if you join the trend be sure to tag us at @celadonbooks!

Clumsy Words / @clumsy.words

Kathleen Crowley loves to be surrounded by books…literally! She often recommends books one pile at a time, which all bibliophiles know is a more realistic way to do it. Don’t miss her posts celebrating her favorite vocabulary words and late night poetry. She has even created a series of downloadable bookmojies—illustrated literary figures and punny phrases for when you need to class up your messages and texts.


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Pretending I’m okie dokie with this bummer weather.

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Ursula Uriarte / @ursula_uriarte

“Mom, bookworm, traveler, and metalhead” is how Uriarte introduces her Instagram page, and watching these worlds overlap online is a total treat. Her reading tastes range from Harry Potter to the latest horror and thriller bestsellers. All of her tattoos, concert videos, and beautiful reading nooks complete the picture of a life spent doing what she loves.

Paperback Bones / @paperbackbones

YA fantasy lovers, don’t sleep on Paperback Bones. Tes knows and loves this genre, and in fact is a curator for @OwlCrate, a book delivery service for the latest YA titles. Her book recommendations here include fun lists of things like “what to read if you’re a Ravenclaw” and her book playlists are a nice touch, as well. Particularly cool: Tes collects editions of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History from around the world and always shares her new finds.


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q o t d : Do you read or watch thrillers? I’ve always loved to watch & I’m beginning to develop a taste for reading them as well! Recommend a few of your favorites that I should add to my TBR or Netflix queue! ————————————————————————— This multi-layered, psychological thriller kept me up all last night with its riveting twists and constant thrum of eeriness. The short chapters ended on mini-cliffhangers that served as a sinisterly crooked finger — beckoning me to continue until I’d devoured the book in one sitting. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “The Whisper Man” features extra-creepy serial killer elements, a broken family moving into a strange, spooky new house, DI’s with haunted pasts, and plenty of anxiety and paranoia to go around. It’s perfect for fans of Hannibal & British crime shows like Broadchurch. I also feel like Stephen King fans may enjoy this one — there were compelling insights on grief that reminded me a bit of Pet Sematary. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thanks to @macmillan.audio for sending over this audiobook ARC for me to review before it releases August 20th. Doctor Who fans will be excited to hear that Christopher Eccleston does a wonderful job narrating this well-crafted, suspenseful mystery. ————————————————————————— #thewhisperman #audiobook #audiobooks #currentlyreading #christophereccleston #bookstagram #psychologicalthriller #bookreview #alexnorth #bookrecommendation #doctorwho #ninthdoctor

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NYC Book Girl / @nycbookgirl

Morgan Hoit lives in NYC, and her Instagram is a celebration of all the book stores, events, and literary arts the city has to offer. She travels often, taking us to places like Rome, Dubrovnik, or Paris where she tracks down beautiful bookstores and scenic spots that beg you to pause and enjoy a good read.

Shrieking Violets / @shriekingviolets428

Jackie McCarthy’s Instagram is an homage to the thriller, horror, and mystery genres. Classics like Peter Benchley’s Jaws live alongside the latest bestsellers, moody YA titles, and literary dramas. We’re blown away by the photography here—her latest reads are staged with colorful flowers, skulls, and rustic antiques that often tell a story of their own.

Jenna Reads Books / @jennareadsbooks

Books at the breakfast table, on the arm of a sofa, stacked on an end table—Jenna’s home library looks so charming. Small touches like her eclectic mug collection, her curious cats, and jaunts to local Portland, Oregon, bookstores all point to one conclusion: This book lover has created quite a cozy reading life!


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May wrap up! I felt like I read more than four books this month but I guess I only finished four 😂 anyone else have those months? As always, thanks to the tagged publishers for the free books. This month I read: Sabrina & Corina by Kali Fajardo-Anstine - a debut short story collection revolving around Latina women of indigenous descent living in Colorado. Read if you like a strong sense of place and stories of women that will stick with you. Severance by Ling Ma - a new favorite, a post-apocalyptic novel perfect for millennials. Everyone should read it, but especially if you enjoyed Station Eleven and The Dreamers. Furious Hours by Casey Cep - nonfiction about a murderer, his lawyer and his killer’s lawyer (the same!), and Harper Lee and her book about the case that never came to fruition. Read if you like true crime, In Cold Blood, or want to know more about Harper Lee. And I still plan to post a full review of this one soon! Pet Sematary by Stephen King - my first King y’all! It scared me a lot but was so readable and good. I think I’m a King fan now! Exciting times. I also started and haven’t yet finished The Lake House by Kate Morton and Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood. Maybe those unfinished books are why I feel like I should have finished more than four, haha. What was your favorite read this month? #jennareadswrapups #jennareviewsbooks #maywrapup #bookish #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #currentlyreading #amreading #wrapup #readstagram #bookcommunity #vscobooks #vscoreads

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Bean and the Bookstack / @beanandthebookstack

Lauren’s life in Boston, Massachusetts, revolves around two things near and dear to our hearts: books and coffee. Her account is full of thoughtful reviews of classics, the latest thrillers, and fiction bestsellers. In addition to finding your next read, you’ll get tips on how to make the perfect brew and discover the coolest coffee spots in Boston.

Crime by the Book / @crimebythebook

Even if the crime genre isn’t your thing, Abby at CBTB is determined to convince the world that there’s a crime book out there for everyone. She reads and reviews crime fiction from around the world—from bestselling psychological thrillers to the latest in Nordic noir (one of her specialties). We love how the atmospheric, muted tones in all of her photos put us in the mood for a good mystery.


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NYC street scenes 🏙 on my walk to pick up an afternoon cup of coffee ☕️ I’m back at work today & so happy to be back to my routine! 🖤 • I honestly get maybe 80% of my reading done on my commutes to & from work (perks of long subway rides 😂) so whenever I’m away from the office for a couple days, it totally throws me off my reading game. BUT that just made it feel extra good to be back in the swing of things today! 🤓 I’m now about halfway (maybe a little bit more) through NOTHING IMPORTANT HAPPENED TODAY, and I feel like I’m slowly but surely getting in sync with this book. • Interspersed with mini-vignettes following the central “members” of the People of Choice cult, the author crafts these brief, sharp, irreverent little chapters narrated by an unnamed person who appears to be pulling all the strings of the People of Choice. 😳 This character provides little “rules” or “tips” for how to start a cult, and then the story illustrates how those “rules” are playing out with the characters who have already been recruited. If this sounds a bit ambitious/complex, that’s because it is, but the author does a very nice job seamlessly weaving these different perspectives together. What’s really interesting about this book is that - so far, at least! - there isn’t one “main character” for readers to follow. The predominant thread tying the story together is this unnamed narrator, but he or she is quite removed from the actual action moving the plot forward. It’s a VERY ambitious book structure and concept, and honestly I’m not sure how personally invested I am in the story just yet, but I can honestly say it’s so unusual and different that I definitely want to keep reading to see where it goes. 🔎 • Where do you get most of your reading done?! AND what format do you guys prefer to read? I’m a physical book reader! 🤓📖

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Eating Books / @eatingb00ks

Celadon’s own social media manager Rebecca Ritchey gracefully pairs books with meals, both where she lives in Brooklyn, NYC, and on her travels to literary attractions around the country. Gorgeous food shots and equally gorgeous book covers? We could scroll forever. Especially fun: recipes recreated from food scenes in her favorite books.

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