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Celadon Books, founded in 2017 as a division of Macmillan Publishers, publishes a highly curated list of twenty to twenty-five new titles a year. The list of both fiction and nonfiction is eclectic and focuses on publishing commercial and literary books and discovering and nurturing talent.

Due to the overwhelming number of unsolicited manuscripts, proposals and query letters we receive daily, it is our house policy not to read them. We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to, or return of, unsolicited manuscripts; unsolicited materials you send to us will be recycled or otherwise discarded. We do not make it a practice to reach out to authors directly; we exclusively work with agents to secure manuscripts for acquisition.
Recently, it has come to our attention that third parties continue to target authors to solicit money and personal information and that some of these schemes involve impersonating our employees, as well as literary agents, editors, and providers of other literary services.
For more information pertaining to fraudulent literary companies and email domains, please visit us.macmillan.com/publishing-fraud-alert. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of an email appearing to be from a Macmillan employee or claiming a connection to Macmillan, please email compliance@macmillan.com.
If you would like additional information about publishers and literary agencies that do read unsolicited manuscripts, we recommend that you consult Literary Marketplace, a reference work published annually and available in many public libraries. Good luck placing your work, and thank you for thinking of Celadon Books.

General Inquiries

For press inquiries & general questions, contact us at contact@celadonbooks.com

UK & Translation Rights

For information regarding UK and translation rights, please email foreignrights@celadonbooks.com.

Permission Requests

All permission requests should be submitted via our Permission Request Form.

Celadon Books

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