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You may want to read these dark thrillers during daylight hours — we can’t promise you’ll fall asleep if you crack one open at night.

The holidays are just around the corner, and we’re here to help you find the ideal gift for every book lover on your list. From award-winning true crime narratives and acclaimed essay collections to uproariously funny memoirs, here are the best nonfiction book gifts to give this holiday season.

Looking for stellar fiction recommendations? Check out our list of the best fiction book gifts to give this holiday season!

Being an informed citizen is a cornerstone of our democracy. That’s why we gathered 11 books for politically minded readers looking to prepare for election day, whether you want to learn more about voting rights, the history of partisan conflict, or the future of democracy in America and beyond.
If you love Gillian Flynn’s work and are on the hunt for more thrills, the following authors' books are sure to do the trick.
These eye-opening reads are more necessary than ever.
Committed to changing the world? These stirring reads for your book club are a great place to start.
Ware fans are sure to love these acclaimed thriller authors.
These moving narratives explore a unique family bond.
Atwood’s award-winning parable and its sequel, The Testaments, are must-reads. And when you’ve finished, we’ve got a set of equally powerful books like The Handmaid’s Tale that are sure to entrance you.
The following must-read Southern mysteries are steeped in history and lore — and are sure to keep you reading long into the night.
From family dramas, supernatural chillers, and gripping detective narratives both real and imagined, we gathered the top must-listen new audiobooks that will whisk you away to another place.
The Pulitzer Prize is a crowning achievement in the field of investigative journalism — and an excellent indicator of a must-read author.
From heartwarming epic stories of devotion to multigenerational dramas of heartbreak and betrayal.
This just in: These compelling accounts leap off the page.
The water will have to wait. Because these mysteries and thrillers are sure to keep you glued to your beach chair from the first page.

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