Literary Agents: Do Writers Really Need Them?

Is an agent essential to a successful writing career? Find out what literary agents do before, during, and after your book is sold (and if you can get that far without one).

Writing Inspiration: Three Writers on Getting Their Books Published

NaNoWriMo inspires would-be novelists to write furiously for 30 days. These authors share what it really took to finish a book—and then get it published!

The 5 Best Places to Submit Your Short Stories

Here are some examples of literary magazines typically considered “top tier,” based on the number of their stories that have gone on to win Pushcart and O. Henry Prizes or inclusion in Best American Short Stories. Check out an issue or two of any magazine you’re considering to be sure your work will be to their tastes.

Overcome Writer’s Block: 5 Online Writing Courses and Communities to Get You Unstuck

While the world bustles around us, we writers tend to have our heads down in our notebooks and laptops, listening for a voice inside that only we can hear. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever to access this kind of support and motivation, no matter where you live, what you’re writing–or not writing–and what level you’re at.

Submitting Your Work to a Lit Mag? Follow These 5 Steps

Publishing a piece of their own short fiction in a literary magazine is many authors’ dream, but submitting can be daunting, at best. Here are some tips from a fellow writer–and submission reader at a lit mag–that’ll help you get your work published.

Carpenter and Actor Nick Offerman and Other Authors’ Day Jobs

If you’ve ever tried to become a writer, you may know what it’s like trying to balance a 9 to 5 job while chipping away at your great American novel, collection of poetry, or nonfiction bestseller. Whether you aspire to write a book or just like reading them, check out these authors who’ve managed to write must-read books while maintaining successful day jobs or side hustles.

Deb Futter on the Rewards of Publishing Debut Authors

Acquiring any book is a thrill. Finding a manuscript you really love, landing it, and bringing it to publication – it’s a discovery, then a competition, then a collaboration.

Jamie Raab on the Roles of Editors and Publishers in Book Publishing

I started out in book publicity and quickly transitioned to the editorial side, first as a magazine editor, then as a book editor.

Ryan Doherty on What It Was Like to Acquire The Silent Patient

Before I joined Celadon, I was working for Sony Pictures in literary development. Developing a book into a film or a TV show is exciting, but I found there were often too many people muddling with the creative vision.

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