Top 5 Tips For Writers Submitting to Literary Magazines

Publishing a piece of their own short fiction in a literary magazine is many authors’ dream, but submitting can be daunting, at best. Here are some tips from a fellow writer–and submission reader at a lit mag–that’ll help you get your work published.

Carpenter and Actor Nick Offerman and Other Authors’ Day Jobs

If you’ve ever tried to become a writer, you may know what it’s like trying to balance a 9 to 5 job while chipping away at your great American novel, collection of poetry, or nonfiction bestseller. Whether you aspire to write a book or just like reading them, check out these authors who’ve managed to write must-read books while maintaining successful day jobs or side hustles.

Deb Futter on the Rewards of Publishing Debut Authors

Acquiring any book is a thrill. Finding a manuscript you really love, landing it, and bringing it to publication – it’s a discovery, then a competition, then a collaboration.

Jamie Raab on the Roles of Editors and Publishers in Book Publishing

I started out in book publicity and quickly transitioned to the editorial side, first as a magazine editor, then as a book editor.

Ryan Doherty on What It Was Like to Acquire The Silent Patient

Before I joined Celadon, I was working for Sony Pictures in literary development. Developing a book into a film or a TV show is exciting, but I found there were often too many people muddling with the creative vision.

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