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Not a traditional mystery and not quite horror, a thriller has its own defining characteristics.
Journey into the history and controversies of narrative nonfiction and discover some captivating reads that are anything but dull.
What exactly is a bildungsroman, and how is it related to the coming-of-age story?
Speculative fiction is one of the trickier genres to define, so we’re here to take you on a journey through its history up to where it stands today.
Here’s a look at what defines a psychological thriller, how the subgenre evolved, and the types of psychological thrillers you can expect to find on bestseller lists.
Want to know more about true crime? Here we define the genre, take a fascinating look at its origins, and cover some of its common themes.
Nonfiction has been around ever since ancient civilizations needed to record and explain their laws, and it’s still evolving today. Here’s how we define nonfiction, a look at its history, and some of the genre’s most popular sub-genres.
At the core of every biography is the story of someone’s humanity. While biographies come in many sub-genres, the one thing they all have in common is loyalty to the facts, as they’re available at the time. Here’s how we define biography, a look at its origins, and some popular types.
Here are some examples of literary magazines typically considered “top tier,” based on the number of their stories that have gone on to win Pushcart and O. Henry Prizes or inclusion in Best American Short Stories. Check out an issue or two of any magazine you’re considering to be sure your work will be to their tastes.
As ethereal as poetry can be, there are elements that make a piece of writing a poem.
If you find yourself reading more than usual these days, here's how to put your opinions to good use when writing a book review.
Here’s how we define Historical Fiction, a look at its origins, and some popular types.
Solving the unexplainable is a tale as old as time.
Character-driven stories, social and political themes, irreverence for storytelling norms — these elements set Literary Fiction apart.
More focused than an autobiography, a memoir is an intimate look at a moment in time.
Don’t have a book deal yet? You have more options than you think.
Sure, you’re a great writer. But can you sell yourself (and your work)?
You’ve got a manuscript (or book idea), now you need someone to represent you.
Where to go and what to say to connect with your audience and promote your books.
They’re meant to be helpful, but some “how-to” tips need a revision.
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