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Marketing and Publicity intern Taylor Wiggs discusses his path to publishing and how a typical day at Celadon Books looks for him. Taylor shares some advice for getting your foot in the door and reveals what has surprised him the most about publishing.
Christine Jaeger was a journalism major in college; now she’s the Senior Director, Trade Sales at Macmillan Publishers. Here’s how she got there.
Celadon’s Creative Director Anne Twomey reveals her process for creating Saint X’s stunning cover.
Celadon’s Junior Designer Clay Smith discusses her artistic process and how the design for You’re Not Listening by Kate Murphy came together.
Celadon’s Creative Director Anne Twomey gives us the scoop on how The Whisper Man’s eye-catching, black-and-white cover came to be.
Clay Smith on books, bagels, and her proudest moment as Celadon Books’ Junior Designer & Studio Coordinator.
Celadon publicist Anna Belle Hindenlang talks about the collaborative nature of publishing and how she followed a lifelong love of books to a career in PR.
Celadon’s own Jaime Noven describes a typical day in the life of a marketing manager in book publishing.
Visiting BookExpo 2019 this year? Whether you’re a librarian, publishing industry vet, or a book lover, hoping to meet your favorite author, BookExpo at New York City’s Jacob Javits Center is the place to be from May 29 to May 31.
How to break into the book business and land your first a job.
Celadon's Creative Director Anne Twomey always knew she wanted an artistic career.
Celadon’s Executive Editor Ryan Doherty on why book publishing is the place for him.
Celadon’s Director of Publicity reveals how she went from magazine to book publishing and details some of her successes along the way.
Creative Director Anne Twomey reveals how she arrived at the haunting cover of Alex Michaelides’s shocking psychological thriller The Silent Patient.
When you read books for a living, your standout reads are sure to captivate fellow book-lovers. Here, we get the biggest readers we know to share their best books of all time. This time, president and co-publisher of Celadon Books Jamie Raab shares her must-read books, including short stories, unforgettable depictions of childhood, and more.
When you read books for a living, your standouts are likely to captivate fellow book-lovers. Here, we get the biggest readers we know to share their best book lists of all time. This time, Vice President and Co-Publisher of Celadon Books, Deb Futter, describes the postwar journeys, passionate romances, and tales that canvass far-flung lands and lives that top her must-have books list.
No two professional paths are alike, and that’s certainly true in the publishing industry. So, we’re asking book industry experts how they got their jobs in publishing, what kind of readers they are, and what they love most about the book business. In this installment, Celadon Books’ editorial assistant extraordinaire Randi Kramer reveals how she broke into book publishing.
At Celadon Books, we’re always looking for the next thing that inspires us. And this upcoming summer holds infinite moments for that spark to ignite.
Acquiring any book is a thrill. Finding a manuscript you really love, landing it, and bringing it to publication – it’s a discovery, then a competition, then a collaboration.
I started out in book publicity and quickly transitioned to the editorial side, first as a magazine editor, then as a book editor.
Before I joined Celadon, I was working for Sony Pictures in literary development. Developing a book into a film or a TV show is exciting, but I found there were often too many people muddling with the creative vision.
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