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10 Things for Book Lovers to Buy with All Those Holiday Gift Cards

Did you end up flush with gift cards this holiday season? Not sure what to get yourself? Here are some great options for book lovers, no malls required!  

Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

Conversations with Friends, by Sally Rooney (Amazon, B&N)

If you missed this brilliant debut novel from Irish wunderkind Sally Rooney, now’s your time to grab it in paperback, thankfully with the same gorgeous cover art as the hardcover. Frances and Bobbi are best friends, and former lovers. When they meet the chic couple Melissa and Nick, they’re drawn to each of them for different reasons. You’ll definitely want to read this book before Rooney’s next, Normal People, comes out in the U.S. in Spring 2019.

Asymmetry, by Lisa Halliday (Amazon, B&N)

One of the most critically acclaimed and head-scratching debuts of last year, Asymmetry is out in paperback. This Janus-faced, two-part book is the autobiographical account of a young woman who comes under the tutelage of a weathered icon of American letters. The second part of the novel is, in a way, the result of their relationship. This fascinating and inventive book was on the top of every list for 2018, and it should be at the top of your reading list, too.

Becoming, by Michelle Obama (Amazon, iTunes)

First Lady Michelle Obama holds the distinction of being both a beloved and yet enigmatic figure in American politics. For the first time, Obama gives readers her story from growing up on the south side of Chicago, to meeting Barack Obama, and even her struggles to conceive daughters Malia and Sasha. If you’re looking for inspiration to listen to in the car to distract you from holiday traffic, look no further.

In Pieces, by Sally Field ( Amazon, iTunes)

Beloved American actress Sally Field’s memoir was not only acclaimed as an insider look at the struggles of a successful actor, but also as an intimate portrait of a woman’s life. Revel in Field’s revealing details, including her career highs and lows and her romance with Burt Reynolds in this audiobook version.

Things to carry

The Book Was Better Tote

Lord your literary passion and knowledge over cinematic dilettantes with this tote bag from Barnes and Noble.

Moleskine Reading Journal (Amazon, B&N)

If you feel like the plot of a novel immediately flies out of your head the minute you’ve finished the book, you might want to invest in a reading journal, which helps you keep track of all your beloved reads. This stately option from Moleskine is serviceable and elegant, with notes, stickers, bookmarks and alphabetical entries.

Literary tchotchkes


Unemployed Philosophers Secular Saint Candle

Pay respect to your favorite writer with this candle, featuring writers like Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe, Oliver Sacks, and more. Read by candlelight if you like, or feature one or several as a great piece of home decor and conversation starter.

Personal Library Kit

Do you bear your preference for all things analog with immense pride? Are you constantly leasing out your favorite reads only to never see them again? Kill two birds with one stone with a personal library kit. Not only will your personal property have your information pasted directly into it, you’ll have a record of who last “checked out” your book, and who is responsible for the damage.

The Reading Woman Calendar

If you’re looking for a nice calendar that screams “leave me alone, I’m reading,” this gorgeous wall calendar features fine art paintings of you guessed it, women reading throughout history.


Kindle Fire Tablet

For those who want to maintain their back strength well into old-age, you might want to go with an e-reader. Amazon offers their Kindle Fire Tablet at the unbelievably low price of just $49.99, with an option to upgrade for double the storage for just ten dollars more. It’s a pretty fantastic deal when you consider how many books you can store in the device.

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