17 Adorable Little Free Libraries That Make Us Want to Share More Books

Adorable Little Free Libraries
Credit: @bookworm_brian

From dollhouses and tree houses to abandoned bus stops and rickety old boats, any structure can become a Little Free Library with the right blend of creativity and craftiness. Here are some of our favorite unique little libraries from across the world that we found on Instagram’s hashtag #littlefreelibrary. Check them out and get inspired. And if you have one (or spot one) of your own, tag us @Celadonbooks and let us see it!

By Brandon Miller

The Home Re-creation (@edgreableco)
No, you’re not seeing double. Some of the coolest little libraries are re-creations of homes, like this one of a historic house in Belmont, Massachusetts.


The Optical Illusion (@bookworm_brian)
At first glance, you might just see a beautiful wall mural. But look closer, and you’ll notice the small box at the bottom is offering something extra: shareable books!


The Bus Stop (@shira.tamir)
What do you do with an old abandoned bus stop? Add some shelves and dozens of books, obviously. Final product: this masterpiece.


The Refrigerator (@charlyeho)
Okay, so it might seem weird to see a refrigerator outside in the sun. But how awesome is this little library? Next to ice cream, books are the second-best thing we can think of finding in the freezer.


The File Cabinet (@ilovemebookseries)
We don’t normally get excited by files, but books? Yes, please. This color-coordinated, thematically organized library hits all the right marks. So much better than a cabinet full of tax returns, isn’t it?


The Kayak (@boutondor_acadie)
We could probably debate whether this was once a kayak or a canoe, but one thing is for sure: It’s now a super cool library in a small village in New Brunswick, Canada.


The Microwave (@artprintsandmore)
This might not be the most colorful Little Free Library on the list, but it is certainly one of the most innovative. Heat up your brain with some reading.


The Robot (@rdspress)
It’s not a real robot — just a repurposed newspaper box — but our love for it? That’s real. The creativity is inspiring!


The Antique (@laura_gaskill)
This gorgeous wood shelf is home to dozens of free, shareable books, and we can’t think of a better use for such a bewitching antique.


The Bar Library (@keys.island.life)
Of all the places we expected to find a little library, a bar (The Green Parrot) in Key West was not one of them. But the beautiful artwork and stunning craftsmanship would bring any patron back for another round (of book sharing).


The Box on the Corner (@littlefreelibrary)
This library on a corner in the downtown Woodstock Square Historic District in Illinois is a work of art, almost resembling a Buddhist temple.


The Phone Booth (@littlefreelibrary)
Nowadays, there is little need for payphones. But this book sharing set-up inside a traditional London phone booth is the ultimate reason to repurpose the handsome structures rather than tear them down.


The Tree (@parlaredilibri)
Some of the coolest libraries use nature as the base of their structure. Take this Little Free Library, for example, which was built into the trunk of a torn-down tree.


The Newspaper Box (@littlefreelibrary)
Another way to make good use of old newspaper distribution box. We love this one for its classic color and design, and the way it seems tailor-made for that lawn.


The Work of Art (@trentroche)
This re-creation of an office building is as cute as it is functional. Grab a book or leave a book, but don’t forget to stare at the intricate details that went into making this little library pop.


The Countryside Boîte à Livres (@cadh77)
Little Free Libraries can be found across the world and in every setting, like this one built with natural materials in the French countryside.


The Canoe (@littlefreelibrary)
Similar to the kayak earlier on this list, this #littlefreelibrary uses an old boat to encourage reading. And we love it!


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