Excerpt: Hollywood Park by Mikel Jollett
In the following excerpt, teenage Mikel and his dad share the moment when Mikel gets his acceptance to Stanford University.
Best Book Club Books: Thrillers
Choose a thriller for your next book club meeting, and you’ll have plenty to talk about as you question the...
What We’re Reading: Books by Black Authors
The Celadon Books team is committed to sharing and promoting books by marginalized authors. In support of the black community...

Worth Sharing

Mikel Jollett, Author of Hollywood Park, on Life Inside and Outside a Cult

Author Mikel Jollett sat down to chat with us about his earliest memories, his complicated relationship with his mother, and how it felt to remember his beloved father through his writing.
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12 Poets to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a poetry paradise right now.
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How to Choose a Book for Your Book Club

Four ways to pick a book for your next great discussion.
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Interview with Jennifer Finney Boylan

Jennifer Finney Boylan, Author of Good Boy, on the Dogs That Knew Her Best

Good Boy author Jennifer Finney Boylan sat down with us to chat about favorite pets, connecting one's past and present, and what she's working on next.
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Listening for Success in Business

The Key to Business Success: Listening

You’d be surprised at how one simple skill can change your career.
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Karen Hayes of Parnassus Books

The Hand Sell: Karen Hayes, Parnassus Books

Karen Hayes, co-owner of Parnassus Books in Nashville, shares her favorite genres, bookstores, and authors.
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On Writing

Hand with pen on a book

The 5 Best Places to Submit Your Short Stories

Here are some examples of literary magazines typically considered “top tier,” based on the number of their stories that have gone on to win Pushcart and O. Henry Prizes or inclusion in Best American Short Stories. Check out an issue or two of any magazine you’re considering to be sure your work will be to their tastes.
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What Is Poetry?

As ethereal as poetry can be, there are elements that make a piece of writing a poem.
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How to Write a Book Review

If you find yourself reading more than usual these days, here's how to put your opinions to good use when writing a book review.
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What Is Historical Fiction?

Here’s how we define Historical Fiction, a look at its origins, and some popular types.
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What is a Mystery?

What Is a Mystery?

Solving the unexplainable is a tale as old as time.
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What is Literary Fiction?

What Is Literary Fiction?

Character-driven stories, social and political themes, irreverence for storytelling norms — these elements set Literary Fiction apart.
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