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Erin French’s Personal Recipes

Make “Dad’s Meatloaf” and a “Maple Manhattan” from The Lost Kitchen by Erin French, author of the new memoir Finding Freedom.

What Is Nonfiction?

Nonfiction has been around ever since ancient civilizations needed to record and explain their laws, and it’s still evolving today. Here’s how we define nonfiction, a look at its history, and some of the genre’s most popular sub-genres.

Books That Celebrate Love in Every Form

These books rejoice in both the humorous and deeper sides of the love we have for our partners, parents, children, and friends.

What Is a Biography?

At the core of every biography is the story of someone’s humanity. While biographies come in many sub-genres, the one thing they all have in common is loyalty to the facts, as they’re available at the time. Here’s how we define biography, a look at its origins, and some popular types.

Read an Excerpt of Here We Are – Then Join Us for a LIVE Book Club Discussion!

NPR correspondent Aarti Shahani shares the story of her immigrant family: shopkeepers who got a taste of the American Dream, and the American nightmare.

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