Humor Me

By Cat Shook
Humor Me by Cat Shook
Title: Humor Me
Author: Cat Shook
ISBN: 9781250904713
ON SALE: 07/09/2024

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For fans of Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld, a hilarious, heartfelt novel about the healing power of female friendship, unexpected love, and stand-up comedy

Presley Fry is not amused. She’s been an assistant at the Late Night Show for way too long, she’s adopted a “business casual” approach to dating to save herself from the embarrassment of seeking genuine connection, and she’s content to let her gregarious roommate, Isabelle, orchestrate her entire social life. Not completely disillusioned, Presley is enamored with the world of stand-up comedy. The joy she finds in discovering up-and-coming comedians is enough for now.

Presley is still reeling from her mother's death, which still knocks the wind out of her every time she reaches for the phone. Enter Susan Clark, her late mother's childhood best friend. Susan is married to the head of the network where Presley works, and is determined to take Presley under her wing. She’s equally determined to connect Presley with her son, the bright and affable Lawrence, who couldn’t be further from Presley’s type. As Presley grapples with the loss of her mother and finds her people among those who seek out comedy to make the world a bit brighter, Humor Me reminds us that friendship can emerge from where you least expect it and that shared laughter can ease the deepest pain.

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Cat Shook graduated from the University of Georgia in 2016 with degrees in Creative Writing and Mass Media Arts. Born and raised in Georgia, she now lives in Brooklyn. She is the author of If We're Being Honest, a GMA Buzz Pick, and Humor Me.

Praise for Cat Shook

"The theme of grief was woven into the novel, making it more helpful than The Orphaned Adult (yes, that is a self-help book for grieving kiddos, and yes, I read it)."

"20 Novels That Healed Me Faster Than Any Self-Help Book"

"Hilarious and heartfelt... A tale of unexpected friendship, laughter and love." 

Woman's World:
Book Club Recommendation

"A love letter to New York, comedy, and romance itself, Humor Me is a true delight." 


"Like the women of Sex and the City, Humor Me’s protagonist Presley Fry breezes through connections with near-boyfriends, drinks with gal pals and career-enhancing forays in NYC... Though it certainly has rom-com-esque appeal, Humor Me goes beyond that, navigating the complexities of breaking old patterns, forging new connections and establishing one’s identity."


“ endearing sophomore effort…This charms.”

Publishers Weekly

"Charming, optimistic escapism with a more serious undertone of feminist solidarity.”


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