By Heike Faller
& Valerio Vidali
Author: Heike Faller
Illustrator: Valerio Vidali
ISBN: 9781250237026

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In HUNDRED, the simple pleasures and hard lessons of each age are gorgeously presented as a full color, illustrated journey of the passage of time.

What did you learn in life?  At age 3? At 21? What about 45? 65? 80 and beyond? How can you share this wisdom with the people you love?

Your first smile, kiss, true love. The breakthroughs that come with age and experience. The realizations we have about ourselves and the world as the number of candles on your cake creeps up.

There is so much to learn. In this beautiful fully illustrated book, you’ll follow, page by page, year by year, the course of a lifetime as each of us learns the little things that together make up a whole life.

A perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, graduations, and that special friend, HUNDRED, like Dr. Seuss’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go, is a book destined to become a perennial favorite.

Heike Headshot
HEIKE FALLER is an editor at the Zeit magazine in Germany. Hundred is her first book published in the United States.
A contemplative young man in glasses looking downwards with a thoughtful expression, rendered in a grayscale photograph.
VALERIO VIDALI is an Italian illustrator who lives in Berlin. His work has received many awards, and two of his books have been selected by the New York Times for Best Illustrated Books, in 2013 for Jemmy Button and in 2018 for The Forest.

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