Love People, Use Things

By Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus
Cover of the new york times bestseller 'love people use things' by the minimalists, joshua fields millburn & ryan nicodemus, promoting minimalist living by prioritizing relationships over material possessions.
Author: Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus
ISBN: 9781250236517
ON SALE: 07/13/2021

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ISBN: 9781250236517
ISBN: 9781250236494

How might your life be better with less?

Imagine a life with less: less stuff, less clutter, less stress and debt and discontent—a life with fewer distractions. Now, imagine a life with more: more time, more meaningful relationships, more growth and contribution and contentment—a life of passion, unencumbered by the trappings of the chaotic world around you. What you’re imagining is an intentional life. And to get there, you’ll have to let go of some clutter that’s in the way. 

In Love People, Use Things, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus move past simple decluttering to show how minimalism makes room to reevaluate and heal the seven essential relationships in our lives: stuff, truth, self, money, values, creativity, and people. They use their own experiences—and those of the people they have met along the minimalist journey—to provide a template for how to live a fuller, more meaningful life.

Because once you have less, you can make room for the right kind of more.

Joshua Fields Millburn - Ryan Nicodemus Photo Credit Joshua Weaver
Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, known to their audience as The Minimalists, help more than 20 million people live meaningful lives with less through their website, books, podcast, and films. They have been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine, and they have spoken at Harvard, Apple, and Google. The Minimalists Podcast is often the #1 health podcast on Apple Podcasts, and their documentary, Minimalism, was released by Netflix. Both raised in Dayton, Ohio, they currently live in Los Angeles.

Praise for Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

"In a society where we are continually bombarded with messages telling us to consume more and more The Minimalists make the point that none of this consumption has actually made any of us happier. This is not a new idea even in the west where Diogenes & Epicurus taught us that the only true road to happiness was to appreciate what we have. Alas the teachings of Epicureans have been forgotten or distorted and the Eastern traditions, until recently, were alien to the American psyche. Part memoir, part parachute from a world gone mad Love People, Use Things: Because The Opposite Never Works is a necessary book for our times. Joshua & Ryan urge us to leap off the hedonic treadmill and escape to a simpler, richer, more fulfilling life. Highly recommended. "

Adrian McKinty
New York Times bestselling author of THE CHAIN

"Love People, Use Things is essential reading. The personal stories that led Joshua and Ryan to minimalism resonated with me in a deep way. The Minimalists have added tremendous value to my life."

Jennette McCurdy

"Joshua and Ryan have penned an urgent manifesto for the growing movement away from the material and toward the meaningful. An important book for our current moment."

Cal Newport
New York Times bestselling author of A WORLD WITHOUT EMAIL and DIGITAL MINIMALISM

"The Minimalists show you how to disconnect from our conditioned material state and reconnect to our true essence: love people and use things. This is not a book about how to live with less, but about how to live more deeply and more fully."

Jay Shetty
#1 New York Times bestselling author of THINK LIKE A MONK

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