Why Don’t You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It?

By Patricia Marx
& Roz Chast
A book cover featuring an illustration of a woman sitting comfortably on a green couch with the title "why don't you write my eulogy now so i can correct it?" by patricia marx & roz chast, including a humorous quote bubble that says "in her perfect world, everyone would have been brought up in a warm and loving house.
Title: Why Don’t You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It?
Author: Patricia Marx
Illustrator: Roz Chast
ISBN: 9781250301963
ON SALE: 04/02/2019

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The perfect Mother’s Day gift: A collection of witty one-line advice New Yorker writer Patricia Marx heard from her mother, accompanied by full-color illustrations by New Yorker staff cartoonist Roz Chast.

Every mother knows best, but New Yorker writer Patty Marx’s knows better. Patty has never been able to shake her mother’s one-line witticisms from her brain, so she’s collected them into a book, accompanied by full color illustrations by New Yorker staff cartoonist Roz Chast. These snappy maternal cautions include:

If you feel guilty about throwing away leftovers, put them in the back of your refrigerator for five days and then throw them out. 

If you run out of food at your dinner party, the world will end. 

When traveling, call the hotel from the airport to say there aren’t enough towels in your room and, by the way, you’d like a room with a better view. 

Why don’t you write my eulogy now so I can correct it? 

Every child will want to buy this for mom on Mother’s Day!

A smiling woman with glasses wearing a black top and a silver necklace, seated outdoors with greenery in the background.
Roz Chast has loved to draw cartoons since she was a child growing up in Brooklyn. She attended Rhode Island School of Design, majoring in Painting because it seemed more artistic. However, soon after graduating, she reverted to type and began drawing cartoons once again.
A smiling woman with shoulder-length dark hair, wearing a black top with an orange trim, posing against a light-colored background.
Patricia Marx has been contributing to ​The New Yorker​ since 1989. She is a former writer for “Saturday Night Live” and “Rugrats,” and is the author of several books. Marx was the first woman elected to the ​Harvard Lampoon​. She has taught screenwriting and humor writing at Princeton, New York University, and Stonybrook University. She was the recipient of a 2015 Guggenheim Fellowship.

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