7 Leadership Audiobooks That Will Make You a Better Leader

By Brandon Miller

These insightful listens from the brightest voices in business are sure to elevate your leadership game.

If you've ever wondered which type of book would be best to listen to, leadership books might be that genre. After all, a great leader must know how to listen well — and what better way to do that than with an audio version of an already-inspiring leadership book? What’s more, audiobooks are perfect for on-the-go consumption, allowing you to learn from the best and brightest voices in business while on the way to your next meeting. Here are seven new leadership audiobooks that will elevate your leadership game.

Never Enough

By Mike Hayes, narrated by the author. 6 hours and 57 minutes

In Never Enough, former Navy SEAL commander Mike Hayes shares time-tested wisdom about team leadership and personal excellence to help you excel in your professional life. Hayes draws on years of experience in the boardroom and on the battlefield — from his current role as the chief digital transformation officer at VMware to his service in Southeastern Afghanistan as the commanding officer of SEAL Team TWO — to deliver lasting lessons about decision-making in times of crisis, the importance of team-building, and the key traits of an effective leader.

Available on Audible.com and Libro.fm


The Vision Driven Leader

By Michael Hyatt, narrated by the author. 4 hours and 48 minutes.

In The Vision Driven Leader, New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt identifies 10 questions leaders must address when developing a concise business model. Is your vision clear? Does it inspire? And perhaps most importantly: Can you sell it? Hyatt’s questions are designed to help leaders focus their energy, inspire their team, and meet their business goals.

Available on Audible.com and Libro.fm

How to Lead

By David Rubenstein, narrated by the author. 13 hours and 6 minutes.

David Rubenstein narrates this audiobook version of his popular leadership book. Yet the real selling point to this New York Times bestseller is that it offers more than just the author’s leadership lessons. In How to Lead, Rubenstein presents the principles and guiding philosophies of some of the world’s greatest leaders, including Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Bill Clinton, and the late, great Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Available on Audible.com and Libro.fm

The Making of a Leader

By Tom Young, narrated by Roger Davis. 12 hours and 48 minutes.

This leadership audiobook is perfect for the sports fan in the boardroom. Performance psychologist Tom Young draws upon his experience in the business and sports arenas to deliver a straightforward framework for improving one’s leadership skills, organizational abilities, and overall performance level. Throughout his career, Young has worked with world-class athletes and teams, from football to boxing, rugby, track and field, and more. Here, the author shows us the ways in which the principles of high-performance athletics apply to the business world.

Available on Audible.com 

The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders

By Daniel Harkavy, narrated by the author. 4 hours and 18 minutes.

CEO and seasoned executive coach Daniel Harkavy points to two key traits that define a successful leader: decisions and influence. When you make a good decision you deliver positive results, and your sphere of influence grows. Easy-peasy, right? Hardly. In this just-released leadership audiobook, Harkavy shares seven unique perspectives from which a leader must understand their business if they hope to thrive.

Available on Audible.com and Libro.fm

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

By John C. Maxwell, narrated by the author. 8 hours and 31 minutes.

Leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell delivered one of the most successful books about leadership with The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, distilling over forty years of business experience into one powerful guide. In this updated edition, Maxwell expands upon his original text to offer fresh insights into the ever-changing worlds of business, sports, religion, and politics.

Available on Audible.com and Libro.fm


Leading from Your Gut

By Dr. John Townsend, narrated by Owen O. Arnold. 6 hours and 49 minutes.

Leading from Your Gut focuses on personal transformation. Dr. John Townsend offers advice on how leaders can draw on their “gut feeling” to make better decisions in business and in life. After all, hard numbers are just one half of the equation. Dr. Townsend’s audiobook will teach you how to leverage your emotions, values, and personal relationships to truly succeed.

Available on Audible.com and Libro.fm

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