10 Smart and Funny Rom-Com Books

By Stephanie Brown

These swoon-worthy reads are not to be missed.

If you like your romance with a side of sharp wit, then we’ve found the perfect match. From cinematic love stories to clever twists on beloved themes, the sizzling and sassy rom-com books below will have you smiling and awwing with delight.

Colorful cityscape cover of "Humor Me: A Novel" by Cat Shook, featuring buildings, cars, and a comedy club sign.

Humor Me

By Cat Shook

Cat Shook, the author of the acclaimed family dramedy If We’re Being Honest, is back with a new romantic comedy, and we can’t wait to dive in. Humor Me tells the story of Presley Fry, an assistant at a late-night talk show in New York City who feels stuck in her career, her love life, and her social life. But when Susan Clark, a close family friend and the wife of the head of the TV network where Presley works, makes Presley’s happiness her new mission, things start to look up. With a newfound joie de vivre, Presley immerses herself in New York’s vibrant stand-up comedy scene, finding joy and connection in sharing laughter with strangers. Even better, she may be on her way to an unexpected romance. This witty and insightful look at navigating your 20s is about love of all kinds: friendship, romance, and finding your life’s passion.

Romantic Comedy

By Curtis Sittenfeld

In her acclaimed meta-rom-com, bestselling author Curtis Sittenfeld delivers a dazzlingly clever take on gender dynamics and the fairy-tale romances we love to believe in. Romantic Comedy introduces us to Sally Milz, a writer for the acclaimed late-night sketch series The Night Owls. When she writes a sketch poking fun at the phenomenon of dorky male writers dating glamorous celebrities, she jokes that such a thing would never happen if the genders were reversed. But she may be in for a surprise when pop sensation Noah Brewster signs on as host and musical guest for the show — and sparks soon begin to fly between the pair.

Good Material

By Dolly Alderton

Dolly Alderton has quickly become one of the hottest names in romantic comedic fiction, boasting an incisive wit and an uncanny ability to give voice to the common experiences of urban-dwelling millennials. After the success of her first novel, Ghosts, in 2020, Alderton is back with Good Material, which switches gears and tells a breakup story from the boyfriend’s point of view. Andy is reeling from the end of his relationship with Jen, even though he initiated the split for reasons he can’t articulate. As he navigates being newly single, finding somewhere to live, and trying to get his stand-up comedy off the ground, he can’t understand how everyone else around him seems to have life figured out far more than he does.

Funny Story

By Emily Henry

From beloved author Emily Henry, Funny Story is an enchanting new rom-com about opposites bringing out the best in each other. Daphne finds herself in Waning Bay, Michigan, under less- than-ideal circumstances: In the wake of her broken engagement, she’s now living with the former boyfriend of her ex-fiancé’s new fiancée. Complicated, right? Of course, they can’t resist hatching a plan to post staged photos and make their exes jealous. But while the pair begin as roommates with little in common beyond a broken heart, their relationship soon blossoms into something more and could be the start of a real connection.

The Vibrant Years

By Sonali Dev

Sonali Dev’s The Vibrant Years proves that romance isn’t just for the young. This heartwarming, hilarious story of three generations of women dating and finding their strength is a must-read for rom-com fans looking for a unique twist on familiar themes. Bindu Desai, her daughter-in-law Aly (well, ex-daughter-in-law, but that hasn’t changed their dynamic), and her granddaughter Cullie all find themselves at a crossroads in their living situations, careers, and love lives. As they support each other through hilariously bad dates and workplace absurdities, the trio embark on an interconnected journey of self-discovery and contentment.

Something to Talk About

By Meryl Wilsner

A sexy slow-burn romance featuring two vibrant career women in Hollywood, Something to Talk About will have you rooting for Jo and Emma from page one. Meryl Wilsner’s rom-com begins when a candid red-carpet snapshot of powerhouse producer Jo and her assistant Emma sets off a media firestorm about a possible romance. The gossip threatens to take over their lives and upend their careers, but when Jo and Emma start spending more time together, they find that the rumored relationship might be a dream come true.

Nora Goes Off Script

By bl-author-name

When screenwriter Nora Hamilton’s husband leaves her and the kids, she turns her heartbreak into a hot movie script. Even better, former Sexiest Man Alive Leo Vance is cast to play her husband as the film shoots in her century-old house. Once the film wraps, however, Leo’s not ready to leave. In the midst of his own emotional turmoil, he offers Nora a hefty chunk of change to stay for another week, and she isn’t about to turn down the money — or that handsome face. Nora Goes Off Script isn’t just another fizzy rom-com: Annabel Monaghan delves deep into the complications that divorce, kids, and the emotional baggage of adulthood bring to our later-in-life romances.

The Paradise Problem

By Christina Lauren

In this enchanting new rom-com from Christina Lauren, a set of characters from two very different worlds are drawn together first by necessity and then, perhaps, by matters of the heart. Starving artist Anna needs housing during her time at UCLA; Liam Weston needs to be happily married for five years before he can inherit money from his grandfather’s food business fortune. But when Liam’s family insists that they finally get to meet his elusive wife, Liam worries Anna’s unpolished artistic persona won’t jibe with his family’s aristocratic airs. The Paradise Problem is pure fun, but it also asks compelling questions about class, family, and what we’re willing to sacrifice for love.

Just for the Summer

By Abby Jimenez

Justin and Emma have the same problem: Their exes always find their soulmate just after they break up. When they find each other through a viral Reddit thread, they agree that the only solution is to date each other and cancel out their romantic curses. But what begins as a playful fling quickly gets more serious as they face an array of family problems during their summer on Lake Minnetonka. Abby Jimenez is one of the best rom-com authors around. As her charming new romance unfolds, it looks increasingly likely that Justin and Emma won’t be together Just for the Summer.

The Better Half

By Alli Frank and Asha Youmans

From comedy-writing duo Alli Frank and Asha Youmans comes a heartwarming story about the fleeting nature of success and the lasting joys of human connection. At the start of The Better Half, Nina Morgan Clarke is on the verge of living her best life: Her ex has moved across the country, her daughter is thriving at boarding school, and she’s about to start her dream job as the first Black woman to head the famed Royal-Hawkins School. To celebrate, she hits the road with her best friend Marisol for a much-needed girls’ trip. Soon after their return, however, Nina’s best-laid plans and hard-won victories begin to unravel. Will she let these snags, including an arrogant new teacher and complications from her trip with Marisol, get her down? Or will she embrace life and love in all its complex beauty?

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