Welcome to the application for the Celadon Readers program

Here’s how it works:

Fill out the application below, including links to where you post your book reviews. We will review your application and note the reach of your audience. Applicants with more than 1,000 followers will be considered for approval.

When we have a new ARC, we may select a small group of reviewers (250-500) based on their preferred genre and size of audience. The ARC will be sent by mail with instructions for posting to social media. Please use our hashtags – we love to see your posts!

We plan on sending reviewers an email reminder for posting reviews close to the book pub date, so you’ll occasionally receive emails from us about this program.

If you post a review, please email the link to reader@celadonbooks.com.

If you’re accepted to this program, you agree to never sell an ARC that we send you. The ARC is for review and entertainment purposes only.

Thank you for applying – and happy reading!

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