Independent Bookstores - Bookseller Interviews
[mk_fancy_title size=”28″ font_family=”none”]For personalized book recommendations served with a hot cup of coffee, head to your nearest independent bookstore. Celadon talks with some of the country’s leading booksellers about their favorite shop moments, local reading trends, and all-time favorite titles.[/mk_fancy_title]
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The Hand Sell: Karen Hayes, Parnassus Books

Karen Hayes, co-owner of Parnassus Books in Nashville, shares her favorite genres, bookstores, and authors.

The Hand Sell: Nate Perkins, Trident Booksellers

Nate Perkins, manager of Trident Booksellers, talks book recommendations, memorable store moments, and the literary scene in Boulder, Colorado.

The Hand Sell: Jane Estes, Lark & Owl Booksellers

Jane Estes, founder of Lark & Owl, talks about the importance of being inclusive, the power of teamwork, and shares some favorite books.

The Hand Sell: Maxwell Gregory, Lake Forest Book Store

The manager of Lake Forest Book Store in Illinois talks impactful literature, bookstore trends, and memorable moments.

The Hand Sell: Mark Lamframboise, Politics & Prose

When you stop by to pick up a book, you may run into a former president or an author promoting his book—with an R&B concert.

The Hand Sell: Annie Philbrick, Bank Square Books

Nothing beats the inside line from a bookseller – how else can you get the scoop on the best books that are hitting shelves soon or the old favorites you’d do well to discover or revisit? In this installment, we’re cozying up to the “locally owned and fiercely independent” Bank Square Books, thanks to the candid recommendations from owner Annie Philbrick.

Indie Spotlight: Book Bin, Northbrook, Illinois

This woman-run bookstore in the Chicago suburb has been operating for almost half a century, and it’s as vibrant as when it first opened its doors in 1971.