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Celadon Books Acquires New Nonfiction by Professor and Journalist Dr. Steven W. Thrasher

Celadon Books is thrilled to announce the acquisition of THE VIRAL UNDERCLASS: THE HUMAN TOLL WHEN INEQUALITY AND DISEASE COLLIDE by Dr. Steven W. Thrasher. President and Publisher Jamie Raab acquired the book from Tanya McKinnon at McKinnon Literary. It will be co-edited by Editorial Assistant Cecily van Buren-Freedman.

In his first book, award-winning journalist and professor at Northwestern University Dr. Steven Thrasher explores the fault lines of society and the disproportionate effect that viruses have on marginalized people.

"The need to understand the relationship between viruses and marginalized people in our society has never been more urgent,” said Raab. “Steven Thrasher’s book will stimulate discussion, greater understanding and, hopefully, much needed change. Celadon is incredibly proud to be publishing this eye-opening book."

Dr. Steven W. Thrasher, is a professor in the schools of journalism and medicine at Northwestern University, where he holds the inaugural Daniel H. Renberg Chair, the first journalism professorship in the world created to focus upon LGBTQ research. His journalism has been widely published by The New York Times, The Guardian, The Nation, Slate, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed News, and Esquire. Named Journalist of the Year by the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association in 2012, Dr. Thrasher was recently named one of the 100 most influential and impactful LGBTQ+ people of 2019 for his research on the criminalization of HIV/AIDS by Out magazine.

The Viral Underclass: The Human Toll When Inequality and Disease Collide will be published in 2022. 

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