Celadon Books Acquires Non-Fiction Book by Martha Teichner

Celadon Books is pleased to announce our latest acquisition, WHEN HARRY MET MINNIE: A LOVE STORY by Martha Teichner. Upon reading the manuscript, President and Publisher Jamie Raab knew this incredibly touching story was perfect for the Celadon list. She acquired the rights from William Clark at William Clark Associates.

WHEN HARRY MET MINNIE chronicles the story of how Martha Teichner–and her Bull Terrier Minnie–met and befriended Carol Fertig–and her Bull Terrier Harry. Carol was dying of cancer, the result of extended exposure to toxins from the 9/11 attacks, and needed to find a new home for her beloved pet. What started as a transaction involving a dog turned into a deep and eye-opening friendship between two women in the last months of Carol’s life. As Martha says, “The embrace of friendship and love and generosity can be a powerful thing and can give a sad story, if not a happy ending, a meaningful one.”

“Martha Teichner’s tale of a profound, but all-too-short friendship, forged by the love of two bull terriers, captures so beautifully the unexpected bonds we can form at any time in our lives,” says Jamie. “The moment I finished reading Martha’s proposal, I knew I had to publish WHEN HARRY MET MINNIE.”

Martha Teichner is a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning and has won multiple national awards for her original reporting, including 10 Emmy Awards and won five James Beard Foundation Awards. Martha has reported on the some of the largest national and international stories of this era, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the run-up to the war in Iraq, the death of Princess Diana and the life and death of Nelson Mandela.

WHEN HARRY MET MINNIE will publish in fall 2020.

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