Celadon Books Acquires Elon Green's New Book, The Man Nobody Killed

Celadon Books

Celadon Books is proud to announce the acquisition of Edgar Award-winning author Elon Green's THE MAN NOBODY KILLED, on the life and death of Michael Stewart, a young Black man assaulted by New York City Transit Authority police in 1983. The book will emphasize the city's history of police brutality and the aftermath of this attack, including towering political figures such as Edward Koch and Robert Morgenthau, and the East Village art and music communities that helped bring attention to the case.

Ryan Doherty, Vice President, Editorial Director at Celadon Books, acquired the book from David Patterson at Stuart Krichevsky Agency (NA). Celadon published Green's last book LAST CALL: A TRUE STORY OF LOVE, LUST, AND MURDER IN QUEER NEW YORK in 2021.

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