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Celadon Books Acquires ISSIMO by New York Times' Rome Bureau Chief

Celadon Books is proud to announce the acquisition of ISSIMO: A Journey through Glorious, Ruinous and Always Epic Italy, the Land of the Past that Points to Our Future by Jason Horowitz, Rome Bureau Chief for The New York Times, an account of contemporary Italy and the lessons it holds for living a full life while trying to adapt to or improve a world where things often seem to be falling apart.

"As a reporter covering politics for The Washington Post and The New York Times, Jason Horowitz had an instinct for unearthing surprising details, great quotes, or the revealing anecdote that perfectly framed a candidate, issue, or place," says Executive Editor Bill Hamilton, who acquired the book. "Now, as The Times's correspondent in Rome, Jason is applying an even wider lens, writing with wit and originality about ancient Rome and the Renaissance, as well as the Italy of today and larger than life figures like Pope Francis and the late Silvio Berlusconi. I couldn't resist acquiring a book about what he has seen and learned – and why it's so relevant."

Hamilton acquired ISSIMO in a pre-empt, for publication Winter 2026, by Gail Ross at WME. 

Two compact discs (CDs) with shiny, reflective surfaces are overlapping each other on a white background. The discs display a spectrum of colors due to the light reflection, creating a rainbow-like effect.

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