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Celadon Books Acquires Memoir by Journalist Meg Kissinger

Celadon Books is pleased to announce our latest acquisition, WHILE YOU WERE OUT by Meg Kissinger. President and Publisher Jamie Raab acquired the book from Gail Ross at Ross Yoon Agency.

While You Were Out tells the personal story that journalist and author Meg Kissinger could never bring herself to share before: her own family’s history of mental illness and the two siblings she lost to suicide. Part memoir, part investigative journalism, While You Were Out is the surprisingly funny, intimate, and moving account of the challenges of mental illness told through the story of her family.

“When I read Meg Kissinger’s proposal for WHILE YOU WERE OUT, I was mesmerized, not only by her journalistic talent, but also by her willingness to write about her family’s struggles with mental illness with such honesty, wit and razor-sharp insight,” said Raab. “I think this book will become a classic in the literature on mental illness and I’m so proud that Celadon will be publishing it.”

Columbia Journalism professor and Pulitzer Prize finalist Meg Kissinger has built her career on investigative reporting of mental health issues. Her features center around human stories and have led to major policy changes.

While You Were Out will be published by Celadon Books in 2022.

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