Celadon Books Acquires 'The Way You Make Me Feel' by Kate Murphy, Author of 'You're Not Listening'

Celadon Books is proud to announce the acquisition of Kate Murphy's THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL, a wide ranging exploration of the most important social dynamic many people have never heard of: interpersonal synchrony. From the author of YOU'RE NOT LISTENING (Celadon, 2020), Murphy's new book explores the seemingly magical, yet scientifically documented, tendency of human beings to fall into rhythm with one another through neurobiological, emotional, and behavioral interactions.

"As demonstrated in YOU'RE NOT LISTENING, Kate Murphy has an incredible way of explaining and shedding new light on everyday interactions," says Ryan Doherty, VP, Editorial Director. "I had never heard of the term interpersonal synchrony before reading this proposal, and my mind was blown, seeing the science behind chemistry and how we click with other human beings, be it romantic, a work team, or even to your favorite character in literature. We are excited to publish THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL, which will surely become the definitive book on this incredible phenomenon."

"My North Star as a journalist has always been to not only engage and enlighten, but also provide information that is truly helpful and applicable to people’s everyday lives. This book will do just that,” says author Kate Murphy. “Even after almost two decades of researching and writing about social and emotional dynamics, the emerging science of interpersonal synchrony has transformed the way I understand and interpret my own and other people’s behavior. Now with Celadon’s enthusiastic support, I can hardly wait to share what I’ve learned with readers."

Doherty acquired THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL from Tina Bennett at Bennett Literary (NA).

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