Title: Molly: The True Story of the Amazing Dog Who Rescues Cats
Author: Colin Butcher 
Publisher: Celadon Books
ISBN: 978-1-250-20477-6
On Sale Date: 10/8/2019
Formats: Hardcover, eBook

MollyThe True Story of the Amazing Dog Who Rescues Cats tells the heartwarming story of the man-and-dog team behind the United Kingdom Pet Detective Agency—how Colin, in need of a new lease on life, rescues Molly the dog, and how Molly in turn rescues many more beloved lost pets.

As a veteran of the Royal Navy and longtime police officer, Colin Butcher was no stranger to dangerous situations. But a career in uniform can wear anyone down, so, in 2003, Colin left the force to start his own private detective agency, specializing in helping reunite people with their missing pets. And yet, despite his hundreds of successes, there were still heartbreaking cases where Colin couldn’t find the missing on his own. He knew he needed a partner.

When Colin first met Molly, his friends doubted that she would be up for the job. Where Colin was battle-tested, Molly was young and inexperienced. She was willful, wayward, and stubborn. But Colin could tell that Molly was unusually charismatic and intelligent. He decided to take a risk and bring on Molly for training.

Yes, Molly is no ordinary deputy, but a black Cocker Spaniel, and this is no ordinary detective agency. Trained by the top canine behavioral experts at Medical Detection Dogs, Molly can find missing cats—who are uniquely skilled at eluding humans—by detecting a unique scent signature, and she has been wildly successful.

The work is not always easy. Molly has faced hardships ranging from a near-fatal snakebite to the challenge of winning over Colin’s girlfriend, Sarah. But through it all, Colin and Molly share an enduring love and affection. More than a working relationship, Molly is part of the family. Together, they are the Sherlock and Watson of missing pets.

Book Excerpt

Throughout my childhood, a procession of pets passed through the Butcher household, including a variety of dogs, cats, hamsters and mice (the latter were smuggled into the house without my parents’ knowledge and hidden in my sock drawer, where they used to escape with annoying frequency). My mum and dad developed a serious soft spot for shih-tzus, and I’d often return home from school to discover another cute golden-coated puppy bounding around the back garden, picked up that afternoon from our local branch of the RSPCA. My parents always took on rescue dogs – for them, it was a matter of principle – and would never visit specialist breeders or pet shops.

“Every dog deserves a second chance,” Mum would say, scooping up the latest addition to our family and giving him an affectionate nuzzle.

One such pooch was Gemini, a silver and white shih-tzu who was so clever that he was able to recognize all the names of his favourite toys when we called them out. He also got on famously with our resident cat, Mitzy, a confident and incredibly affectionate two-year-old tortoiseshell, and these furry friends would often snuggle up together in Gemini’s fleecy dog bed.

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