Must-Read Books That Have Been Translated to English

These translated books from around the world expand our understanding of cultures, history, and our list of authors to follow.

Marc Brackett, Author of Permission to Feel on How Using Our Emotions Makes Us More Intelligent

The founding director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Marc Brackett is upending the old saying “Think with your head, not your heart.”

15 Must-Read Thriller Books of 2019

This year’s bumper crop of must-read thrillers proves that no place is safe from murder and mayhem.

What We’re Reading: Summer 2019

The Celadon team shares their summer reading lists, including a sci-fi speculative thriller, a highly anticipated novel on slavery, and a beautiful-yet-accessible interior design book.

10 Best Suspense Books of 2019 (So Far)

We’re halfway through 2019, and it’s already been a banner year for the suspense novel.

11 Recent Debut Novels that are Worth the Hype

Few things in the literary world are more exciting than a hot first novel by a debut author.

5 Perfect Books to Give for Father’s Day

From sports to history to pop culture, we’ve got suggestions for the top-notch father figures in your life.

15 Books for a Sizzling Summer Reading List

These are the thrilling, historical, and heartwarming books you’ll want to tote to the beach all summer.

Best Young Adult Books that All Grown-ups Should Read

Age is just a number when it comes to a good story.

10 Must-Read Books Inspired by Jane Austen

Austen’s sharp social commentary lives on in the retelling of her most beloved books and stories inspired by her life.

What We’re Reading: Spring 2019

This season, the Celadon team is reading a moving immigrant story, a hot new political romance, and a collection of horror short stories.

10 Best Legal Thrillers That Bring the Courtroom Drama

From international blockbusters to hidden gems, these classic legal thrillers deliver unbeatable courtroom drama without requiring you to report for jury duty.

Most Anticipated Thriller Books for Summer 2019

You don’t need a hot day to work up a cold sweat. These books will have your heart racing from the first page.

Librarians’ Best Book Picks: Daryl A. Maxwell, Los Angeles Public Library

We talked with librarian Daryl Maxwell about impactful Science Fiction, recommending the perfect book, and diversity in publishing.

Fictional Mothers Who Keep It Real

Everything is not your mother’s fault! This Mother’s Day, we’re honoring the women doing their best, which sometimes is no bed of roses.

13 Funny Books that Make You LOL

Let’s lighten up and have a laugh with these funny, quirky, and satirical books.

Celadon Books for Moms, Dads, and Grads

Look no further for fun, inspirational gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation.

8 Essential Books Based on Real Crimes

Inspired by some of the most notorious murders (and one assassination attempt) dating back to 1947, these novels are must-reads for crime and mystery lovers.

Mark Laframboise from Politics & Prose Shares Book Picks for Adults and Teens

When you stop by to pick up a book, you may run into a former president or an author promoting his book—with an R&B concert.

Quick Reads: The Best Short Story Collections 2019

Magical realism, human suffering, absurd situations, and the works of a forgotten master.

Librarians’ Best Book Picks: Jean Ross, Prince William Public Library

Ross talked with Celadon about her favorite detective series, working her dream job, and how not quiet libraries are.

Folded Wisdom: Author Joanna Guest Shares Details about Daily Notes From Her Dad

She opens up about the advice her father gave her on love, life, and growing up.

5 Binge-worthy Books: What to Read When You’re All Streamed Out

If you loved these Netflix shows, then you should read these books!

Loved These Classic Novels? Try One of These 10 Books

Happy 50th birthday to some of our favorite novels and hello to some new contenders!

What We’re Reading: March 2019

A preview of Sally Rooney’s new novel, Angie Thomas’s latest, and a true crime classic takes us to 1980s Savannah.

12 Astounding Must-Read True Crime Books

Get to know the murderers, arsonists, smugglers, and thieves from history’s most chilling moments.

Librarians’ Best Book Picks: Naomi Jelks, San Francisco Public Library

The importance of diversity in children’s books, a memoir told as a graphic novel, and the one book about San Francisco everyone should read.

Author Alex North on His Suspenseful Thriller The Whisper Man

Celadon talked with North about his writing routine, father-son relationships, and the incredible buzz around this disturbing psychological thriller.

Meet the Prequels: The Fascinating Backstory to 8 Great Novels

These books will shed new light on old characters and introduce you to some you haven’t met before.

Must-reads: 16 Books about Books

When bookstores, mysterious manuscripts, and all manner of bibliophiles are at the center of a story, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Shakespeare, Retold: 12 Modern Takes on the Bard

A beloved comedy gets a dark twist, Hamlet rewinds time, and Jo Nesbø turns “the Scottish play” into a thriller about police corruption.

A Nearly Normal Family Author M.T. Edvardsson on Murder, Family, and Loyalty

The novelist and former high school teacher on the questions he asked himself before writing this novel.

In or Out of Love: 10 Great Stories for Valentine’s Day

Joy, heartbreak, redemption, deception… love stories are complicated.

Joseph-Beth’s Michael Link on Arundhati Roy, CITY OF THIEVES, and Reading as a Parent

The Cincinnati bookseller told us what he loves about his job and what makes a good bookstore.

Coming Soon? Authors We (Really) Want to Write Another Novel

They’ve written poems, short stories, and memoirs, but it’s been at least five years since we’ve seen a new novel.

What We’re Reading: January 2019

This month our Celadon totes are packed with science and Sci-Fi, zombies and Woolly mammoths, and of course, a little murder and mystery.

7 Sequels We Can’t Wait to Read in 2019

THE HANDMAID’S TALE continues, the CARAVAL trilogy reaches its FINALE, and THE KINGDOM OF COPPER takes us back to Daevabad.

Best Audiobooks: January 2019

A meaty memoir, a counterintuitive approach to self-help, and a story of “Urban Indians” trying to reconnect with tribal traditions are just some of this month’s picks.

Librarians’ Best Book Picks: Jordana Gross, The New York Public Library

Reading recommendations, what New Yorkers are checking out, and the book she chose over the classics.

9 of the Most Anticipated Thrillers of 2019

New books from masters like John Le Carré and Kate Atkinson, as well as debut authors, are already on TBR piles.

Three Junes by Julia Glass and Other Picks by Margie Scott Tucker at Books Inc.

The independent bookstore owner shares about the book that inspired a river trip and what your bookclub should be reading.

This Holiday Season, Forget Your Own Family Dramas and Read One of These

Spend some quality time with someone else’s dysfunctional family.

What We’re Reading: Holiday Gift Edition

During the holidays, many of us on the Celadon team like to give books as gifts. This is what we’re wrapping up this year.

What We’re Reading: November 2018

Mystery, memoir, and magic are just some of the themes on the Celadon team’s reading list.

Something Wicked This Way Comes: 8 Scary Books to Read on Halloween

Something Wicked This Way Comes: 8 Scary Books to Read on Halloween Ghosts and vampires and murderers, oh my! The best reading list for this haunted holiday season. By Erin McReynolds Pet Semetary by Stephen King Of all of Stephen King's novels, this has got to be the stone-cold scariest. A nice doctor moves his wife [...]

What We’re Reading: October 2018

Team Celadon does a lot of reading. When we’re not poring over manuscript submissions to find the page-turners of the future, we’re digging into our own must-read lists.

This month our picks are taking us to New York City’s kitchens, a California women’s prison, 1930s Harlem, the city streets of Kenya, and 500 years of American history. If you’re looking for your next book, try one of these reads:

Librarians’ Best Book Picks: Andrienne Cruz, Azusa Public Library, Azusa, California

Need help finding a few good books to read? Librarian Andrienne Cruz at the Azusa Public Library is here to help. She talked with Celadon about what she reads, the book everyone is checking out, and the novel she recommends to patrons in doubt.

Librarians’ Best Book Picks: Vicki Nesting, St. Charles Parish Library, Destrehan, Louisiana

In this installment, St. Charles Parish Library Assistant Director Vicki Nesting describes the “twisty, psychological thrillers” that are captivating her town’s readers, and “the diverse range of voices” being read by her library’s patrons.

Cool September Reads From the Celadon Team

The latest entrant to Netflix’s bumper crop of YA rom-coms and an arresting book on textiles are among the Celadon team’s top book picks this month.

Indie Bookseller Top Book Picks: Luisa Smith, Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA

In this series, learn directly from booksellers themselves what reads they’re devouring, titles to watch out for, and what makes their store a cornerstone of their town. In this installment, Book Passage’s Luisa Smith reveals how the Corte Madera, CA, store runs 900 events per year, and how the store’s Science and Nature section holds the best surprises.

Publishing Pro Picks: Jamie Raab’s Must-Read Books

When you read books for a living, your standout reads are sure to captivate fellow book-lovers. Here, we get the biggest readers we know to share their best books of all time. This time, president and co-publisher of Celadon Books Jamie Raab shares her must-read books, including short stories, unforgettable depictions of childhood, and more.

Deb Futter’s Must-Read Books

When you read books for a living, your standouts are likely to captivate fellow book-lovers. Here, we get the biggest readers we know to share their best book lists of all time.

This time, Vice President and Co-Publisher of Celadon Books, Deb Futter, describes the postwar journeys, passionate romances, and tales that canvass far-flung lands and lives that top her must-have books list.

Follow Your Heart by Susan Tamaro and Other Top Book Picks From Indie Booksellers

Nothing beats the inside line from a bookseller–how else can you get the scoop on the best books that are hitting shelves soon or the old favorites you’d do well to discover or revisit?

In this series, learn directly from booksellers themselves about reads they’re devouring, titles to watch out for, and what makes their store a cornerstone of their town. In this installment, “independently owned and fiercely independent” Bank Square Books is the shop we’re cozying up to, thanks to the candid recommendations from owner Annie Philbrick.

Librarians’ Best Book Picks: Gregg Winsor, Johnson County Library, Johnson County, Kansas

In this installment, Johnson County Library Information Specialist Gregg Winsor lets us in on what books are flying off shelves near him, what the world gets wrong about librarians, and who his ‘book twin’ is.

What We’re Reading: August 2018

An inside look at Silicon Valley’s Theranos scandal and David Sedaris’ latest dysfunctional family tales are among the page-turners we’re diving into this month.

What We’re Reading: June 2018

This month, our reading lists are filled with debut authors, inspiring guides, and fast-paced adventures.

Novel Inspiration: Alex Michaelides, Author of The Silent Patient, on Writing the Perfect Thriller

The Silent Patient is the gripping tale of Alicia Berenson, a happily married artist who murders her husband and never speaks again. Forensic psychotherapist Theo Faber sets out to unravel the mystery of Alicia’s notorious crime and quickly discovers that nothing about her case is as clear-cut as it seems.

Chip Cheek, Author of Cape May, on How He Found the Story That Obsessed Him

Set in the fall of 1957, Chip Cheek’s mesmerizing debut novel Cape May is the story of Henry and Effie, two young newlyweds from Georgia who arrive in Cape May, New Jersey for their honeymoon only to find the beach town deserted.

What We’re Reading

When we’re not pouring through manuscript submissions, we’re tackling our to-be-read list. This month, we’re paging through a selection of compulsively readable thrillers and true crime, books-turned-into-films, lauded award-winners and finalists, and modern literary classics.

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