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About the Author

Dan Slepian is an award-winning journalist at NBC News and a veteran producer of its signature news magazine, Dateline. Over more than two decades at NBC, Slepian has spearheaded dozens of documentaries and hidden camera investigations, and is known for his in-depth reporting about the criminal legal system and, specifically, wrongful convictions.

His documentaries on the topic have earned him a total of twelve Emmy nominations and in February 2023, NBC News released “Letters From Sing Sing,” an eight-episode award-winning podcast hosted by Slepian that hit #1 on Apple’s top charts the day of its release.

Books by Dan Slepian

Image of The Sing Sing Files by Dan Slepian hardcover book
BY Dan Slepian
An NBC Dateline producer's cinematic account of two decades navigating a broken criminal justice system to help free six innocent men.

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