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Kevin Wade is a playwright, screenwriter, and television writer and producer whose credits include the stage plays Key ExchangeMr. & Mrs, and Cruise Control, and the screenplays for Working Girl (seven Academy Award nominations), True ColorsMr. BaseballJuniorMeet Joe Black, and Maid in Manhattan. For television, he created the ABC television drama Cashmere Mafia. In 2010 he joined the rookie CBS drama Blue Bloods as a writer, and since 2011 he has served as its showrunner, executive producer, and backseat driver. Wade was nominated for an Edgar Award for best episodic teleplay for the episode entitled “My Aim Is True.” He is currently writing and producing Blue Bloods’ fourteenth and final season.

Books by Kevin Wade

Book cover for "Johnny Careless" by Kevin Wade. The background features motion blur of car lights on a dark road, suggesting speed or movement. The title is in large yellow text, and author name is in white. Quotes from three authors are at the top.
BY Kevin Wade
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