Johnny Careless

By Kevin Wade
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Title: Johnny Careless
Author: Kevin Wade
ISBN: 9781250355102
ON SALE: 01/28/2025

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ISBN: 9781250355102
ISBN: 9781250355119
ISBN: 9781250383891

“A fast-moving classic crime novel” (John Sandford) crafted by the veteran screenwriter and showrunner for the acclaimed police procedural series Blue Bloods, Johnny Careless is Kevin Wade’s razor-sharp debut novel.

Police Chief Jeep Mullane has been bounced back home to Long Island’s North Shore by a heartbreaking case that both earned him his NYPD detective’s shield and burned him out of the Job. Now heading up a small local police department, he finds himself navigating the same geography he did growing up there as the son of an NYPD cop. Jeep is a “have-not” among the glittering “haves,” a sharp-witted, down-to-earth man in a territory defined and ruled by multigenerational wealth and power and the daunting tribal codes and customs that come with it. 

When the corpse of Jeep’s childhood friend Johnny Chambliss—born into privilege and known as “Johnny Careless” for his reckless, golden-boy antics—surfaces in the Bayville waters, past collides with present, and Jeep is pulled into a treacherous web. He is challenged by Johnny’s wealthy and secretive family and his beautiful, enigmatic ex-wife as he untangles a knotted mystery fraught with theft, corrupt local moguls, and decades-old secrets, all while grappling with his own deep-seated grief for his lost pal.

A fast-paced story, Johnny Careless “combines grit and wit in a way that conjures Donald Westlake or Robert Parker in full stride” (Carl Hiassen).

Kevin Wade - Author Photo
Kevin Wade is a playwright, screenwriter, and television writer and producer whose credits include the stage plays Key ExchangeMr. & Mrs, and Cruise Control, and the screenplays for Working Girl (seven Academy Award nominations), True ColorsMr. BaseballJuniorMeet Joe Black, and Maid in Manhattan. For television, he created the ABC television drama Cashmere Mafia. In 2010 he joined the rookie CBS drama Blue Bloods as a writer, and since 2011 he has served as its showrunner, executive producer, and backseat driver. Wade was nominated for an Edgar Award for best episodic teleplay for the episode entitled “My Aim Is True.” He is currently writing and producing Blue Bloods’ fourteenth and final season.

Praise for Kevin Wade

"From page one, Kevin Wade stomps on the accelerator -- smart, cool writing abetted by (mostly) smart, secret-bearing characters. Johnny Careless combines grit and wit in a way that conjures Donald Westlake or Robert Parker in full stride." 

Carl Hiaasen
New York Times bestselling author

“Jeep Mullane is the kind of American hero cop we need now more than ever. This is a fast moving classic crime novel.”

John Sandford
author of the Prey series

“There are a lot of suspects in the murder of careless, care-free Johnny Chambliss. An ex-wife, an embittered coach, a humiliated father, a cabal led by the town mayor, a mysterious foreigner, a lurker who calls himself Angel, and a gang of vicious thieves are all cast in Wade’s ‘collision between the past and present.’ Sheriff Jeep Mullane probes this twisty, unpredictable case, his sharp-as-an-ice-pick investigative skills leading the reader through a nimble, engrossing, thoroughly entertaining novel.”

Joe Ide
author of the IQ series
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