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Creepy Suspense Books That Will Leave You Chilled

By Brandon Miller

If you’re like us, you can’t let October go by without diving into the creepiest books on your to-be-read list. And there are plenty of dark and ominous books to choose from this season. Here are some of our favorites — from page-turning psychological thrillers to haunting suspense tales — that will leave you horrified in the best way.

The Shadows

By Alex North

From Alex North, bestselling author of The Whisper Man, comes a sinister novel based on a horrific murder committed by two teenage boys — and the subsequent copycat murders that have been occurring ever since. The Shadows is unsettling, exhilarating, and sure to give chills to any dark-suspense fan.

The Silent Patient US Cover

The Silent Patient

By Alex Michaelides

Alex Michaelides’ #1 New York Times bestseller The Silent Patient is a page-turning debut novel about an artist who shoots her husband then mysteriously stops talking. Her psychotherapist obsesses over unraveling the mystery of this silent patient right until the book’s shocking twist.

Home Before Dark

By Riley Sager

In the chilling Home Before Dark, Riley Sager pens a quintessential American horror story, drawing on our morbid fascination with haunted houses. Evil lurks, but where is it coming from? Find out in this nerve-wracking tale.

The Nothing Man

By Catherine Ryan Howard

This spine-tingling thriller follows a woman on the hunt for the man who killed her family when she was a child. For those who love diving into a killer story, Catherine Ryan Howard’s petrifying book is no trick, all treat.

The Searcher

By Tana French

In Tana French’s newest mysterious thriller The Searcher, a retired detective moves to a remote Irish village, never expecting to get drawn into a dark and ominous mystery. But then a local boy goes missing and, well, you know how it goes from there.

The Only Good Indians

By Stephen Graham Jones

This unnerving novel centers around four American Indian men, dealing with the resurgence of an ominous event from their youth. Here, Stephen Graham Jones draws on both drama and social commentary to tell a brutal, terrifying tale.

The Resident

By David Jackson

The titular resident in David Jackson’s latest psychological thriller is a serial killer on the run. He discovers an abandoned terrace house with an attic connected to three other houses next door. Which means, he’s not only found the perfect hideout; he’s also found his next victims.

Don't Look for Me

By Wendy Walker

In Wendy Walker’s Don’t Look for Me, a woman returns to the small, desolate town where her mother was last seen years before. Horrifying secrets abound, and, like in every good psychological thriller, a disappearance is never what it seems.

Watching from the Dark

By Gytha Lodge

In Watching from the Dark, a woman is murdered while on a video call with her boyfriend, which makes this a macabre story for the current era. But it still contains the elements of a good thriller: a small-town detective and twists and turns that will leave you chilled.

Survivor Song

By Paul Tremblay

Bram Stoker Award-winner Paul Tremblay’s Survivor Song is a suspenseful and disturbing story about a rabies-like virus spread by saliva. In this day and age, a thriller focused on societal chaos in the face of mysterious illness might be the most horrific of them all.

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