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What We're Reading: Summer 2022

The Celadon team share their recommendations for the perfect summer reads.


By Hernan Diaz

I just started Trust by Hernan Diaz… I bought it because I kept reading amazing reviews about it, and I must say, it is a singular look at money and power, written with a brilliant structure. And Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers might be next… Looks like a juicy summer read!” —Deb Futter, President & Publisher

The Palace Papers

By Tina Brown

“I cannot wait to tuck into The Palace Papers by Tina Brown, which focuses on the Windsor women in the years following Princess Diana's death. Though her books are meticulously researched, they somehow feel like having a cocktail (or two) with an old friend who always has the best gossip.” —Christine Mykityshyn, Senior Publicity Director

The Hotel Nantucket

By Elin Hilderbrand

“Elin Hilderbrand is called the ‘queen of beach reads’ for a reason. Her newest, The Hotel Nantucket, features a run-down hotel, 1920s history, and ghosts, which is more than enough reasons for me to put this at the top of my summer reading list.” —Jennifer Jackson, Executive Director, Marketing

True Biz

By Sara Nović

"So few books focus on deaf culture, so I'm looking forward to diving into this novel about life at a boarding school for the deaf. And I think it's extra cool that Nović's novel includes guides on using ASL!" —Cecily van Buren-Freedman, Assistant Editor

Book Lovers

By Emily Henry

I just finished reading Emily Henry's latest, Book Lovers. I wish I had waited to read it while on vacation, though, so I could have enjoyed it beach-side! In classic Emily Henry style, it is a joyful read and lots of fun, and you'll be sad to leave the characters behind.” —Randi Kramer, Assistant Editor

River of the Gods

By Candice Millard

“I love Candice Millard's books and can't wait to see her take on notorious figure Sir Richard Burton, whose antics in history are both legendary and alarming. I trust her to do justice to his (severe) character flaws, while also highlighting the historical importance of his and John Speke’s search for the Nile’s origin, and I’m overall just super excited to read it this summer!” —Sandra Moore, Marketing Assistant

Lost City Radio

By Daniel Alarcon

“I recently finished Daniel Alarcon's first novel, Lost City Radio, and loved it. The book is a really small but intimate look at the everyday people who get hurt in times of political violence as well as, in its own way, a sort of love story.” —Martin Dolan, Editorial Intern

Crying in H Mart

By Michelle Zauner

“I look forward to reading Crying in H Mart because I'm a big fan of Michelle Zauner's musical project, Japanese Breakfast. While I'm more familiar with her music career, I’m curious to see how she uses language in a format that differs from lyrics/music and to learn about her story.” —Abby Carola, Ad Promo/Social Media Intern

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