#Bookstagrams We Love

Bookstagrams We Love
Bookstagrams We Love
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Instagram is full of inspiration for how to live your best reading life.By Jessica Dukes

For an endless stream of beautiful images dedicated to all things books, head to Instagram and search for the hashtag #bookstagram. From bookmarks to bookstores, bookends to book art, these posts make us want to skip work and read all day. You’ll probably discover a few new tomes to read, too.

Check out the #bookstagram images that inspire us – and if you post your own, tag us @CeladonBooks so we can see them!

Colorful Book Stacks (@rooreads)

Isn’t this beautiful? If anyone needs us, we’ll be sorting our books by color and taking artistic stack photos for Instagram.

The Dining Library (@thekrestel.studio)

These dining room bookshelves are both gorgeous and genius. Life goals: have a delicious meal and your entire library, all within reaching distance.

Poetry for the People (@henikadistrictlibrary)

A basket full of poems that people can take for free. Imagine everyone walking around with some Whitman or Angelou in their pocket. What a wonderful idea!

Art from Oz (@rhino.booksellers)

The book spine art on this 14-volume set of L. Frank Baum’s Oz series is charming with a nostalgic twist. It’s the type of collection to save and pass down to the next generation of readers.


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New arrivals. • #nashville #bookstagram #wizardofoz #🦏📚

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The Real Arc de Triomphe (@the_book_wings)

We think that this beautiful rare-bookstore doorway in Lyon, France, rivals that other famous arc they have in Paris.

Living Bookends (@nightshade_studio)

Bookends are often elegant or whimsical, but we love the look of small planters at the end of a row of books. Bonus: extra oxygen in your reading room.


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