Published in more than 40 territories, The Silent Patient‘s international covers are as thrilling as the story itself.

By Jennifer Jackson

By all accounts, The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides is a runaway hit in the US. Since publishing in February, it’s been on The New York Times bestseller list for 22 weeks (and counting); it’s stayed at the #1 spot on Goodreads all year; it’s spent 22 weeks on the Amazon charts; and it’s one of the most downloaded audiobooks on Apple Books for 2019. But what readers might not realize is that this edge-of-your-seat thriller has also been published all over the world.

Currently, Michaelides’s debut novel is available in more than 40 territories, from Catalan to Estonia. And each original cover is just as twisted as the story itself. We’ve rounded up a selection of designs that would grab our attention if we were browsing bookshops in Serbia (or Spain, or Lithuania).

We’d like to know: Which one is your favorite?

United States of America
The Silent Patient US Cover
The Silent Patient Estonia Cover
The Silent Patient Italy Cover
The Silent Patient France Cover
The Silent Patient Bulgaria Cover
The Silent Patient Lithuania Cover
The Silent Patient Hungary Cover
United Kingdom
The Silent Patient UK Cover
The Silent Patient Germany Cover
The Silent Patient Catalan Cover
The Silent Patient Spain Cover
The Silent Patient Serbia Cover

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