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By Joanne Camas
The Minimalists Podcast

Tune in for a captivating listen.

Podcasts have revolutionized the art of storytelling – and it’s no surprise that authors have embraced the medium. Here are six of our favorite podcasts by our very own Celadon authors.

The Jane Goodall Hopecast

The Jane Goodall Hopecast

By Jane Goodall, author of The Book of Hope

Legendary primatologist, conservationist, and author Dr. Jane Goodall spreads hope around the world in her new podcast. The Hopecast features Goodall’s conversations with everyone from influential world figures and award-winning musicians to young activists who are committed to saving the environment. Listeners across the globe have tuned in to hear Goodall’s spirited conversations with her guests, and many have even connected with Goodall directly via her mailbag episodes.

In her highly anticipated new book, The Book of Hope, Goodall joins bestselling author Douglas Abrams as she looks back on her career and stresses the importance of hope and resiliency in a troubled world. It’s a perfect companion to season two of the Hopecast, which is set for release in fall 2021.

The Murder Squad

The Murder Squad: Jensen & Holes

By Billy Jensen and Paul Holes, author of Unmasked: My Life Solving America's Cold Cases

Calling all true crime obsessives: This podcast is for you. In each episode of The Murder Squad, hosts Paul Holes and Billy Jensen dive deep into a new cold case and turn to their listeners for help in unraveling the mystery. Holes is the renowned cold case investigator, who was instrumental in tracking down the Golden State Killer in 2018. In his upcoming true crime book, Unmasked (April 2022), Holes reveals the gritty truth and harsh realities of investigating the most notorious cases in modern American history, from the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard to the murder of Laci Peterson.

On The Murder Squad, Holes is joined by Billy Jensen, an investigative reporter and author who specializes in unsolved murders and missing-persons cases. Together, they lay out the facts of the case and walk listeners through their investigation, encouraging citizen sleuths to apply their skills of deduction alongside the team. Can you help the Murder Squad finally bring light to darkness?

The Minimalists Podcast

The Minimalist Podcast

By Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, authors of Love People, Use Things: Because the Opposite Never Works

Everyone wants to declutter their lives. After all, clearing away the junk means making more room for what matters most in life. Of course, the key question is this: How do you do it? That’s where Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus come in. Millburn and Nicodemus are better known as The Minimalists; their newest book Love People, Use Things, two documentaries, and talks have helped over 20 million people lead lives of simplicity and intention. In each episode of The Minimalist Podcast, Millburn and Nicodemus share practical advice on an array of topics, from decluttering your friendships and understanding “enoughism” to navigating the pitfalls of gift giving and shopping addictions. Their approach to intentional living clearly resonates with listeners: The Minimalist Podcast boasts over 80 million downloads and is a top 100 show in eight countries.

Art of Power

Art of Power

By Aarti Shahani, author of Here We Are

In her memoir Here We Are, NPR correspondent Aarti Shahani chronicles her family’s immigrant experience in New York City. Shahani’s parents emigrated from India by way of Morocco and settled in Queens in the 1980s, where their years-long pursuit of the American dream was defined by triumph, heartbreak, and struggles with the U.S. justice system. In her NPR podcast, Art of Power, the award-winning journalist speaks to people who have changed the world, delivering stimulating lessons on boldness and strength and helping listeners tap into their own potential. With each episode, Shahani asks her guests two questions: “How does power work in the real world, anyway?” and “How has wielding power changed you?” The answers are as surprising as they are edifying.

Civics 101: a graphical representation of a podcast or educational series by new hampshire public radio, featuring an illustration of the united states capitol building.

Civics 101

By Nick Capodice and Hannah McCarthy, authors of A User’s Guide to Democracy

Fans of Nick Capodice and Hannah McCarthy’s A User’s Guide to Democracy will love the witty and informative political podcast they host for New Hampshire Public Radio. In Civics 101, the pair bring American democracy to life with lively talks about an array of topics, from landmark court cases and the inner workings of our two-party system to the impact of the 25th Amendment and the history of anti-Asian legislation in the United States. Special guest experts join in on the conversation to further elucidate each issue. Think of it as a podcast refresher course on our democracy and the role we play as citizens.

We Can Do Hard Things

We Can Do Hard Things

By Glennon Doyle, with guest host Abby Wambach, author of Wolfpack

Some topics are traditionally verboten at the dinner table. But all rules are off when it comes to We Can Do Hard Things. In this honest and open podcast, host Glennon Doyle, bestselling author of Untamed, and her sister Amanda are regularly joined by Doyle’s wife Abby Wambach to discuss all matters of love, loss, and life. Listeners are invited to call in and leave voicemail questions about the challenges they face for potential discussion on future episodes. The podcast is brilliant, and we especially enjoy the episodes that feature Celadon author Wambach, the two-time Olympic gold medalist, U.S. soccer star, and author of the rousing leadership book Wolfpack.

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