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Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

To celebrate the holiday spirit, the Celadon team shares their favorite bookish gifts that they have given or received.

Moviewalker by Walker Percy

Jamie Raab
Publisher and President

Every Christmas, I give my kids a book I’ve loved at some point in my life but know they haven’t read or are unlikely to ever buy on their own. I choose books that had meaning for me when I was younger, and that I think would resonate with my son or daughter now. Books in the past have ranged from Marjorie Morningstar to The Moviegoer to The Magus.

Stories by John Cheever

Deb Futter
Co-publisher and Senior Vice President

When I was in college, Knopf published a collection of John Cheever’s short stories. It had a bright orange cover and received a lot of attention. My parents gave it to me as a Christmas gift and inscribed it … the book remains on my shelf as a treasured present from my book-loving parents. Later in life, I would go on to edit several books by Cheever’s daughter … so perhaps they were prescient!

Silent Patient cookies

Jennifer Jackson
Senior Director, Consumer Marketing

I have an insatiable sweet tooth, so when we received a box of “bookies” (book cookies) recently, I thought it was one of the cutest book gifts I’ve seen. The bookies were made by a local bakery, but Eleni’s makes similarly delicious, customized cookies and ships nationwide.

Book stand

Randi Kramer
Editorial Assistant

When I had wrist surgery, a friend sent this book stand because she knew it would be hard for me to read one-handed. It was so thoughtful and appreciated. And now that I’m all healed, it’s great for propping open cookbooks!

Clay Smith
Junior Designer and Studio Coordinator

If you need help thinking of a book bucket list, this is a wonderful gift that always inspires me to choose my next book. I always look forward to scratching out the books and seeing my progress!

Whispered Myths

Heather Orlando-Jerabek
Publicity Assistant

One of my favorite scents is from a perfumery out of Portland, Oregon, called Imaginary Authors. It was started with the idea that a fragrance could be as inspirational as a good book, complete with layered narratives and vivid imagery. Each fragrance follows a compelling storyline that you can curl up with, generate conversation with friends, and take with you, to return to again and again for a transcendent experience. My favorite is called Whispered Myths.

Five Year Memory Book

Lauren Dooley
Marketing Assistant

One of my favorite ways to celebrate a book is to write down a memorable quote. I track these in this beautiful Five Year Memory Book. I can also see how frequently I read and reminisce on past books.

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