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A User’s Guide to Democracy: How America Works
By Nick Capodice & Hannah McCarthy
Other People’s Pets
By R.L. Maizes
The Shadows
By Alex North
Hollywood Park
By Mikel Jollett
Good Boy: A Life in Seven Dogs
By Jennifer Finney Boylan

Op-Ed: Kamala Harris and the rise of the desi alpha female

Here We Are author Aarti Shahani writes for The Washington Post: “For the desi alpha female, rebellion is our love language. While it may bring short-term shame to our families, it’s a formula for long-term progress — and may even save our country.”

Books About Immigrant Experience

What We’re Reading: Books About the Immigrant Experience

The Celadon team has compiled a recommended reading list of books about the experience of immigrating to America — both that we’ve read and loved and others that are on our to-read shelf. We hope you find these books as impactful and enlightening as we do.
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7 Podcasts to Listen to Before the Election

No matter how you’re planning to vote this election season, these seven non-partisan or bi-partisan podcasts are sure to get you more prepared for November 3.
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