12 New Paperback Books to Check Out This Fall

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The air is crisp, and your comfy reading chair beckons!

Fall is here, and it’s the perfect time to cozy up with a great book. We rounded up 12 acclaimed narratives, from nonfiction to fiction, that are coming out in paperback this fall and belong at the top of your TBR stack. 


Bad city: peril and power in the city of angels by paul pringle, a master class in investigative journalism as extolled by the new york times and winner of the pulitzer prize.

Bad City: Peril and Power in the City of Angels

By Paul Pringle

In Bad City, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Paul Pringle delivers a riveting work of investigative journalism as he investigates corruption and cover-ups at the University of Southern California. The acclaimed narrative begins in the L.A. Times newsroom in 2016. Pringle, a reporter at the Times, receives a tip about a drug overdose at a ritzy hotel involving Dr. Carmen Puliafito, the head of USC’s prestigious medical school. The lead seems straightforward enough; Pringle figures it will take a few weeks to sort out. It isn’t long, however, before his investigation exposes a tangled knot of corruption that stretches across Los Angeles — and reaches dangerously close to his own doorstep. Pringle invites readers along for the ride in Bad City, chronicling every twist of the investigation to present an “earth-shattering tale of appalling institutional corruption ― and the inspiring reporters who overcame shocking obstacles to bring the truth to light” (Robert Kolker, bestselling author of Lost Girls). 

Publication date: October 3, 2023

The cover of the book "unmasked: my life solving america's cold cases" by paul holes with robin gaby fisher, featuring a centered image of the author, with the title prominently displayed and critical acclaim from the los angeles magazine.

Unmasked: My Life Solving America's Cold Cases

By Paul Holes

Whether you’re an omnivorous nonfiction reader or a true crime obsessive, you likely know the name Paul Holes: He’s the forensic detective who tracked down the Golden State Killer. In fact, Holes has spent his life solving some of America’s toughest cold cases, from the disappearance of Jaycee Dugard to the murder of Laci Peterson. In Unmasked, he looks back on his exemplary career as a cold case investigator — and opens up about the impact his work has had on his personal life. Holes treats the topic of true crime with the care it deserves, putting justice for the victims and survivors first, and stressing the importance of compassion in his grim line of work. He’s also remarkably candid about the struggles he’s faced and the sacrifices he’s been forced to make, both as an investigator and as a husband and father. The result is a “wildly engaging and painfully honest read that will appeal to anyone curious about the lives of those who pursue justice for voiceless victims” (San Francisco Chronicle). 

Publication date: October 3, 2023

A person capturing a moment with a camera, set against the backdrop of a warm, pastel-toned cover for the book "stay true" by hua hsu, adorned with the accolades of winning the pulitzer prize and the national book critics circle award.

Stay True

By Hua Hsu

In the Pulitzer Prize–winning Stay True, Hua Hsu blends memoir with a coming-of-age story as he reckons with the violent death of his close friend. Hua and Ken seemed in many ways like opposites: Hua was a defiant outsider, while Ken was a preppie. Hua’s parents were immigrants from Taiwan, while Ken’s Japanese American family had been in the U.S. for generations. And yet, the contrasting pair quickly bonded over their college experiences and feelings of being out of place within American culture. When Ken is killed just three years after their friendship begins, Hua must find his way through grief, growing up, and the search for belonging in an often hostile world. 

Publication date: September 12, 2023


A mystical and haunting book cover for "the kingdoms of savannah" by george dawes green, featuring an ornate and regal title design superimposed over a deep green, swampy backdrop with a solitary, striking red chair partially submerged in water.

Kingdoms of Savannah

By George Dawes Green

Looking to keep the sultry summer vibes going through autumn? Crack open Kingdoms of Savannah, George Dawes Green’s beguiling Southern mystery set in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Morgana Musgrove, a fixture of Savannah’s high society, must solve the mysterious murder of a local man and the disappearance of his companion. She’s a true force of nature but will need some help for this particular case. So, she pulls her four grown children into her investigation — each of whom is wary of their mother’s domineering ways. Together, they scour Savannah and unravel scary truths about the fabled city that threaten to throw it into chaos. Darkly atmospheric and splendidly written, Green’s acclaimed mystery will cast a spell on you this fall.

Publication date: October 17, 2023

The image shows the cover of a book titled "the passenger" by author cormac mccarthy, recognized as a new york times bestseller and penned by the pulitzer prize-winning author of "the road." the cover features a merging of two contrasting images: a detailed, up-close picture of a person's face on the left side, and a scenic sunset over a desolate landscape on the right side. prominently displayed at the bottom is a review from the los angeles times, praising the book with the words "a brilliant book... as stunning as only cormac mccarthy can.

The Passenger

By Cormac McCarthy

From Cormac McCarthy, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Road, comes The Passenger, the first book in a two-volume narrative (the second part, Stella Maris, is being released in paperback on the same day) about a salvage diver sent to explore a crashed charter jet in the Gulf of Mexico. The Passenger sprawls out from this seemingly simple starting point, leaping back and forth through time to explore the ramifications of the Kennedy assassination, the atomic bomb, and our planet’s perilous future. Readers are sure to happily get lost in McCarthy’s complex final novel, which was released in hardcover less than a year before his passing.

Publication date: September 26, 2023

A book cover for "our missing hearts" by celeste ng, featuring a turquoise background with dark birds flying upwards, a single brown leaf tethered by a string, and various critical acclaim quotes and bestseller badges.

Our Missing Hearts

By Celeste Ng

If you missed this instant New York Times bestseller in hardcover, now’s the time to pick it up! One of the most talked-about books of 2022, Celeste Ng’s Our Missing Hearts is a timely and thought-provoking novel about family, justice, and the power of knowledge. The speculative fiction tale is set in a near-future dystopia defined by fear and distrust. When Bird Gardener was nine, his mother, a Chinese American poet whose books have since been banned, disappeared without a trace. At twelve, he gets a cryptic letter that takes him on a journey to the truth through the underground world of librarians fighting against censorship.  

Publication date: August 22, 2023

Book cover of "our share of night" by mariana enriquez with an artistic illustration of a figure seemingly dissolving or transforming against a night sky backdrop.

Our Share of Night

By Mariana Enriquez

An ideal supernatural horror book for the darker days of autumn, this buzzy novel revolves around a father and his son and the death of their matriarch, who has left more than just grief in her wake. Indeed, it isn’t long before Gaspar, the son, learns that he’s destined to join the Order: an otherworldly clan of killers from his mother’s side that commits horrific acts to attain immortality. You won’t be able to put down Our Share of Night as it leaps through time and reveals more about the Order while Gaspar’s father races to save his child. 

Publication date: September 12, 2023

A book cover featuring the title "bliss montage" by ling ma, author of "severance," showcasing a vibrant orange backdrop with scattered citrus slices, indicating its status as a national bestseller and a new york times notable book. the cover also bears praise, describing it as "uncanny and haunting... genius" by the washington post, along with a label indicating it contains stories.

Bliss Montage

By Ling Ma

Hilarious and unsettling, Ling Ma’s Bliss Montage, the author’s short story collection follow-up to her prophetic 2018 pandemic novel Severance, explores everyday modern experiences with a surrealistic flair. In one tale, a woman in Los Angeles lives in the same house as 100 of her exes. Another story follows a professor who one day finds a portal to a different dimension in her university office. If you’re looking to escape the mundane this autumn, be sure to pick up Ma’s brilliantly strange collection!

Publication date: September 12, 2023

A book cover for "the winners," a novel by fredrik backman, featuring a quote from the new york times describing it as "bighearted." the title and author's name are prominently displayed against a dark background.

The Winners

By Fredrik Backman

If you haven’t read the first two books in Backman’s Beartown Trilogy, his hockey town saga, check those out first! If you have, you’ll definitely want to grab The Winners, Backman’s final book in the series that deals with the unfolding aftermath of the horrible events from two years ago. As the community tries to move forward, residents wrestle with healing, forgiveness, family, and sacrifice. Travelers return home, loved ones fight, and someone attempts revenge. 

Publication date: September 12, 2023

A vibrant book cover for the novel "the villa" by rachel hawkins, featuring a botanical illustration of lemon branches with ripe lemons against a textured teal background, accompanied by praise and an acknowledgment of the author's status as a new york times bestselling author.

The Villa

By Rachel Hawkins

This brooding suspense-filled psychological thriller draws its inspiration from iconic figures and notorious gatherings of the past, including Fleetwood Mac, the Manson murders, and the fabled dark and stormy night when Percy and Mary Shelley shared a castle with Lord Byron and she dreamed up Frankenstein. Weaving together tropes of the gothic genre, Hawkins tells the story of Emily and Chess in The Villa, best friends who take a much-needed vacation to an enchanting holiday home in Italy. At first, the setting is idyllic. But things take a dark turn when Emily starts investigating the property’s blood-soaked history, leading to growing tensions — and perhaps something far more sinister — with Chess.  

Publication date: November 7, 2023

A book cover for "things we lost in the fire: stories" by mariana enriquez, translated by megan mcdowell, featuring a striking design with flames and flora against a dark background, adorned with compelling reviews.

Things We Lost in the Fire

By Mariana Enriquez

Things We Lost in the Fire is our second recommendation for a dark short story collection and the second book on our list by celebrated author Mariana Enriquez. Each story in this wonderful collection explores the troubled history and complex contemporary dimensions of Argentina. You’ll find stories of black magic and the supernatural, as well as lighter tales centered on friendship, love, and laughter. Pick up this collection and Our Share of the Night to understand why Enriquez is a world-renowned literary voice.

Publication date: November 14, 2023

A cover of the novel "the house in the pines" surrounded by dark, dense pine trees, hinting at mystery and suspense within its pages.

The House in the Pines

By Ana Reyes

We end our list with Ana Reyes’ The House in the Pines, a Reese’s Book Club thriller that you won’t be able to put down. Maya is haunted by a traumatic episode from her past: Seven years ago, when she was a high school senior, she watched her friend Aubrey die under baffling circumstances. She’s tried her best to move on from the painful episode — until another woman dies under eerily similar circumstances. Confronting missing memories and hazy recollections, Maya must return home to the creepy house in the woods where it all took place. She’s determined to get to the bottom of what happened — and to expose the dark truth about the mysterious man at the center of it all.

Publication date: December 5, 2023

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